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All Kinds of Firsts

We saw the first snowflakes of the season last night! Our trip to Florida is too recent to get upset about the weather yet though, despite the fact that the low for today is 17 degrees. It’s okay, we can still cope. We spent a long Thanksgiving break at Grandma & Grandpa Lagerman’s in Stuart. […]

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A New Life

We are finally settling in and making the new place a home for our little family. We are a family now, even our insurance plan says that. It seems like these days I don’t have time for anything, thus the long blog pause, but I think we’re getting back on track and I’m going to […]

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Back in Brooklyn (for real this time)

It’s been a week since we got back from Costa Rica! A week since a long series of flights was finally over. The past month has been kind of crazy, but we’ve been having a lot of fun. The flights are over for now, but the crazy part is just about to get crazier, as […]

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Yes! We are officially without a home. We closed on our old condo last Thursday, and won’t be closing on the new one until March. So has begun the homeless period of our lives, well into my six month of pregnancy, in the middle of the winter. But hey, we have celebrated it by going […]

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Just a couple more days left on 2007! I feel like I’m getting to the end of the race a little out of breath. But hey, today I secured a place for us to live during February and March, so at least we’re not going to be homeless during the first trimester of 2008. Despite […]

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From Texas to Florida via Brooklyn

You might think that we’re frequent fliers doing business all over the country, but we’re actually a couple of snowbirds trying to stay away from Brooklyn for a while. We’re on our way to Florida right now, and I’m going to get my third granola bar this week courtesy of Delta Airlines. Pretty soon they’ll […]

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The Longest Christmas Ever

We start 2007 at JFK, with a two-hour delay ahead of us, so I have a little time to catch up. We scored a pass to the Lounge and we took over a little conference room they have, so it feels like I’m writing something very important. Hopefully it’ll keep my mind off of the […]

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