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Eggnog is here!!!

Turkey Hill is our new second-favorite brand. Publix is still #1. Question for philosophers / physicians / psychics / wise men and women of all ages. How come Brent, who is known around the world for hating the sight of eggs, loves eggnog so much that I struggled (yelled) to convince him not to drink […]

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Thanksgiving 4.0

My first Thanksgiving ever was in 2002, in Maryland. I spent it with Sara and Gary Rubloff, my foster family for three summers. Their daughter and some friends were there too, along with my friend Debo. Now that I think of it, it just seems right that my first Thanksgiving was with them, since they […]

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Our Life in Spain

It had been five months since we had left Spain after our honeymoon. I still remember when I would have to go back home at regular intervals, every three months, during my tourist and non-alien times. I have been thinking about those days recently, as we got a few little things together (along with 6.70 […]

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Our Life in Brooklyn keeps you updated on what Brent and Teresa Lagerman are up to. Looking at most of the posts you’d think we didn’t spend much time in Brooklyn, we do love to travel, so we’ll take you along as we visit Stuart, Madrid, Syracuse, TX, Washington, and of course we’ll always end up back in Brooklyn.