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Anger Management

I had some anger issues today at IKEA. They seem to have been buried with the snow though. It’s alright now, so I can talk about it without throwing little pencils around the room. IKEA is always very crowded on the weekend. And then there’s the New Jersey factor. It’s not a pretty trip out […]

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The Lagerman Stone

Today was a special day. Not only because we had a low of 10 degress, which is cold even in Celsius, but also because Brent finally passed his stone. It’s a little pellet the size of a lentil, which for a kidney stone is a decent size. He is now a stoneless man, and doesn’t […]

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I was thinking of Molly…

The Irish in me kicking in again. Turns out I was hearing the wrong thing for years. When people said “Holy Moley”, I was hearing “Holy Molly” and thinking about sweet Molly Malone, crying cockles and mussels, alive alive oh! Two summers in Ireland made me learn every word of the song, and an Irish […]

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All roads lead to Brooklyn

A few months ago, I adapted the expression “Holy Moley” to sound more like the Spanish “Madre del Verbo”, which I say a lot. “Holy name of Molly” is more like it. And that is exactly what I thought when we got to our seats here on the plane that is taking us back to […]

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The Longest Christmas Ever

We start 2007 at JFK, with a two-hour delay ahead of us, so I have a little time to catch up. We scored a pass to the Lounge and we took over a little conference room they have, so it feels like I’m writing something very important. Hopefully it’ll keep my mind off of the […]

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