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Summer in the City

When are they going to start offering low-cost flights within the US? I just booked two flights from Madrid to London for Brent and I, for a grand total of 129.68 euros. Pretty awesome! We’re taking a little weekend trip to visit my sister in the UK. Britons, here we go! There’s this little gadget […]

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Siete Siete Siete

7/7/07 was supposed to be the luckiest day in many years. Well, not if you were riding the LIRR. We were stuck in South Hampton for three hours waiting for a “rescue” train, after ours broke down. Achy, tired and freezing (from the blasting AC), we somehow got home after 2am. But we weren’t really […]

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The Washington Post

Home on a 4th of July? Yes, I’m sick. I’ve been trying to get rid of this cold since we got back from Seattle last week, but the germs seem to really like me. Just like the mosquitoes. I fare extremely well with all the evil little creatures in this country. I did have my […]

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Our Life in Brooklyn keeps you updated on what Brent and Teresa Lagerman are up to. Looking at most of the posts you’d think we didn’t spend much time in Brooklyn, we do love to travel, so we’ll take you along as we visit Stuart, Madrid, Syracuse, TX, Washington, and of course we’ll always end up back in Brooklyn.