Lost All My Beans

Monday morning at 10.30 I am, once again, sitting around at the allergist with my left arm half numb, half in pain. I’m going to have to get used to it, because starting next week I’m going to be getting weekly recharges of my allergy shots: for house dust, for pollen, and for a mysterious animal half cat / half panda bear that lives with us. I already feel like a junkie in need of the next dose. But hopefully it’s going to enable me to breathe properly and to stop making the walls shake every time I sneeze, which happens very often. So it should make us all happier.

The walls did shake throughout the building last wednesday, when we had our condo board meeting. Brent had been planning it for weeks, getting everybody together and plotting a strategy to overthrow the current board, which consists mainly of the guy that owns the building and is selling all the condos. We, humble owners, wanted to take control and make this a better place to live. But once again, a giant crushed the dreams and hopes of the little people. The guy had enough voting power to vote himself on the board again. So not much changed. But we will not be defeated, we will get up, stand up, stand up for our rights.

And get our super to work.

And maybe a new washer.

Oh, if only I had my own washer. And dryer.

That was that. To make up for the bad mood that followed, we went out the next day to see our friend and client Adrian Hibbs play at Piano’s. It was great. We got carded. Before we got there we met a Frenchy guy called François (his last name might or might not have been Fromage), who was quite a master at playing southern Spanish music and confessed to have been in line overnight for a Prince show. Jeez, some people. We met him at this restaurant called Cafe Luca in the East Village, while waiting forever for a paella that took so long that it ended up coming with us to Brooklyn in a doggie bag fashion.

beans are chipsThe paella we ordered was supposed to be training and inspiring ground for the one I was making on Saturday. See, I’m still working on mastering paella. It took me a long time to make the right cookies, and even longer to get to the just-perfect pizza dough. So I was a little thrown back when I tasted that paella and it was sooo good! But then again, I don’t have a restaurant (yet). So my paella ended up not being as delicious and full of rich flavors as the one from Cafe Luca, but it most certainly had much more love in it (and it was ready on time). cranium mastersThe paella was part of our Saturday night Paella & Poker stravaganza, with our friends Kate, Scott, Luci and Wai as star guests. Poker was fun, we didn’t have any chips but since we’re a creative group we came up with a colorful (and nutritious) solution: we used different types of beans. Needless to say that I was the first to lose all my beans. Brent followed soon. We are a good match. We also played Cranium and drank lots of sangria, which Brent made with Emilio’s recipe in mind. Quite as tasty, and just as dangerous.

Check out Kate’s flickr set: Brooklyn Game Night

Brent's new meditation spot in Prospect ParkSunday was more laid back. We watched Jerry Maguire in the morning, and I was surprised at how sad the stupid movie was. I was in the verge of tears! On our way to brunch, Kate said how it was so interesting and strange that the sex symbols – super famous actors of the 90s are now all crazy and out of it, por ejemplo Mel Gibson or Tom Cruise (with Brad Pitt following on a parallel, not quite as crazy track, with all his babies). I ate a disgusting amount of big fat food for brunch, which was delicious, but kept me on the couch for most of the rest of the day.

Probably the most amazing event on Sunday was the beginning of “Our way out of flimsiness, and right there on to super strength”. We’re going to start a little exercise routine (so little that I’m too embarrassed to post it here) to try to get back in shape. Or just in shape.

We have a reservation to go to Spain 10/27 – 11/13. A month from now pretty much, I can’t wait! I spent a half hour on the phone with Alicia on saturday (¡feliz cumpleaños!), and she told me about all these things that are going on in Madrid… In that way I am a junkie, too. After a while, I need to go back, to get my dose.

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