M. Conrad Was Here

I am a new, breathing woman! It might just be a coincidence, but since I got my four shots (two types of pollen, house dust, margarita) this morning, I’ve been breathing like an athlete. And there’s been laundry, and a long walk through the park. I’m really enjoying all this air. I wonder if now that I can breathe normally I’ll be more energetic or something. Maybe it’s just a coincidence, after all.

We are just getting back from a nice long walk… It’s total walk weather. A little breeze, just cool enough, the leaves doing their thing. I got a plant for my cubbie at Digitas, a cute little cactus that only needs water once a month. Perfect! I’m going to have to give it a name. Maybe I’ll call him Minnow, because after we got him we went to Bar Minnow to get a beer. Unfortunately, the pool table was already taken by some amateurs, but we let them be – we didn’t want them to be embarrassed or anything. You don’t often get to see the only one person that ever got herself injured playing pool (aka “me”, I almost broke my right index finger somehow).

Brent and Mike around Windsor TerraceMargarita has been a little sad and contemplative today. She made a new friend this weekend, and he left this morning, so she’s of course missing him badly. We had Brent’s dad Mike over for the weekend, and we had a great time! We got to relax and try a bunch of new cool places in the neighborhood – they’re not new to the neighborhood, but new to us because we had never been there. It all started with new things from the beginning: right after Brent picked him up from Penn Station, the two set off to MOMA on a bike carriage (I think that’s what they should be called anyway). Up through the streets of Manhattan they went, luggage and all, with the only help of a skinny guy pedaling. I would have been too scared. I met them after work at a sushi place, where Mike had to get himself close to weeping to get the manager lady to let him leave his suitcase there while we were at MOMA. He ended up getting to her soft side and she gave in.

— long break watching LOST —

MOMA was great, we had only been to the new museum once, and it was a very crowded Friday, so we hadn’t really seen much of it yet. It was great to go with Mike because he’s an endless source of knowledge and he can point out interesting things about a painting that you were just about to overlook.

Goodwill Donations at Prospect ParkSaturday was very relaxed, and we dedicated our time to hang out, in a eat-drink-and-chat fashion. We started with brunch at the Windsor Cafe, which we hadn’t been to yet even though it’s just a few blocks away (in what we, Windsor Terrace residents, call “Town”). It turned out great, and we’ll definitely be back for sure. Although we’re more dinner people than brunch people. After that we run into an electronics donation stravaganza right at the entrance of Prospect Park. We also met Gamina, a brave squirrel-chasing Yorkie. Gamina, the squirrel-hunting YorkieWe went to a matinee at the Pavilion theater to see Little Miss Sunshine, which was awesome, it had been a while since a movie made me laugh like that, in a smart kind of way that usually only books can. And then we had a great time at Johnnie Mack’s, a great new discovery for us (I can still taste the pecan pie, oh boy oh boy!). They have a pool table too, so we’ll certainly be hitting that sometime soon. Back home, Mike talked about his new idea for a business, and we started domain-hunting with him. We wanted mconrad.com, to bring the Conrad out of Mike, but there’s some Mick Conrad guy out there that got it already (and he’s not doing much with it). So we’ll have to keep thinking, or start negotiating with Mick.

Brent & Mike at Johnny Mack'sSunday we were back at the museums – that’s what we intellectuals do with our weekends. Cultivate ourselves. Like good ol’ sequoias. We went to the Brooklyn Museum of Art, and while Mike studied their African collection Brent and I went snooping around, trying to find the music – but it wasn’t first Saturday of the month, so nobody was dancing. We still managed to have a good time, and as usual with the Brooklyn Museum we saw a lot of random stuff. It reminds me of the paintings that portrait what old museums used to be like, with all kinds of paintings hanging all over the place, without any apparent clue. We hopped on a trolley (another alternative means of transportation, we were very unlucky with cabs all weekend) that took us down right near our next stop, Sette, another first time. See, I didn’t think that the food was all that impressive. The risotto was great, but the pizza was so lame. And the scallops were puny (three little scallops, for $10), delicious yeah, but puny. We did get a lot of bread. But the main thing about the place is that it’s in a great spot, and it has a beautiful outdoor space where you can just sit and chat and drink wine for a few hours (and nibble of a few expensive treats), and just let yourself enjoy a bright Sunday afternoon. The first in October.

Today we’re two days into October already, and they’re already selling pumpkins all over the place. We’re not going to be here for Halloween this year, but we are going to see it coming. Mike left just before I took off for my weekly visit to Dr. Sabrkesh (no typos there). And we talked to him during our stroll through the park. If I keep breathing like this, he might not have to come back with the burlap sack, looking for Margarita.

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