Our Life in Spain

It had been five months since we had left Spain after our honeymoon. I still remember when I would have to go back home at regular intervals, every three months, during my tourist and non-alien times. I have been thinking about those days recently, as we got a few little things together (along with 6.70 euros) to get Brent to be a resident of Spain, and therefore a resident of the 25 countries that are in the EU today. Not a bad deal. It has taken him a half hour this morning (including the trip to the bank to pay the fee) to get his way to residency, and he will soon have his Extranjero card. I guess my 9 months and $1000 worth of paperwork now even out. In this very equal marriage of ours, where he is the president and I am the CEO, we are both now immigrants, as well.

We’ve spent two weeks in Spain, and it has been our most relaxed trip ever. A few factors that contributed to that were that:

a) we obviously didn’t have a lot of time

b) it was raining for about a week, almost non-stop, and it was nice to be in the plain to witness it

c) I brought a cold from Brooklyn that I didn’t really get rid of, which had me a little whoozy for a few days, and I’m positive it’s going to kick off again as soon as I set foot on American soil.

work-in-progressThe main factor though was that we really missed everybody and wanted to spend some quiet time with them, after all the crazy days before and after the wedding. And we did. We spent a lot of time in Toledo, checking on the slow-but-steady progress of the gorgeous house, and the not-so-slow growth of the dog population. A puppy was born just as we arrived, and she has two huge sisters now to take care of her. My mom joked that if we keep up this reproductive rhythm, we’ll have to start a Mastiff farm.

Olive trees replace the old acorn treeBrent’s pet project was a little stone path that goes from just outside the porch out to the field around the house. It’s looking beautiful and almost complete. We all chipped in our rocks, big and small. I knitted my third hat as I watch him work on the path.

His biggest project though was the hunt and capture of the subjunctive tense in Spanish. He’s made great progress in school, and is now understanding a lot more, and mainly talking a lot more. If he wants to be a good residente, he’s going to have to keep up the good work! We watched a Spanish movie, Alatriste, about this 16th century soldier, and I think he got a lot more of the movie than I did – in my defense I’ll have to admit that I spend half of the movie bundled up in fright on my seat, staring at my lovely orange shoes.

I didn’t really have any projects, besides trying to feel a little less miserable and frustrated while knitting, which I have accomplished.

– – – very long pause. My computer shut itself down on the plane, and I didn’t turn it back on. Instead, I watched a ridiculous Reese Witherspoon movie. The flight was actually pretty good and it went by quickly. I was thrilled to go through customs in 2 minutes, with just a wave of my green card. The cab driver showed us a much faster and easier way to get home from the airport. We got home at Margo was all happy and excited, and despite my fears I did get a lot of good sleep and my breathing was pretty much fine. We forgot about changing the time, which happened while we were in Spain, so I got to work an hour early. I induced myself some jet lag. Now I’m at work, waiting for work. – – –

The bodega is all ready!So back to the trip… I sent an email to my mom this morning and she replied. We had a few email training sessions, and she seems to be getting the hang of it, although she still types using her right index finger only. Another big technological development that happened was that my grandparents got a CD player. It is probably the only CD player in the village. My dad got them 10 cds with wacky traditional Spanish music from the 40s. Apparently my grandpa likes it so much that he’s driving my grandma insane and she just leaves and goes to her friend’s place to watch soap operas, while he’s listening to his cds all afternoon. Pretty soon they will have cell phones.

The rain didn't forget about the plain.Madrid was just like we left it: a big mess. Construction everywhere. Every morning it was a new adventure when I would drive Brent to the train station to go to school… And going into the city was like driving around Mount Everest or something. They’re still working on putting that belt highway underground, and bringing the subway to Pozuelo, and a million other things at the same time… Putting up the Christmas decorations, which are huge and look dangerous. So we didn’t to much walking around the city. We did go into the city a few times to meet up with friends, but I didn’t feel much like being in the city at all. I wonder if it’s just the construction or if I’m feeling different about Madrid… Next time we’re over in Spain we’ll probably be staying in the country in Toledo, and won’t be spending much time in Madrid at all. Maybe the city girl in me is fading out a bit. Is it the Windsor Terrace effect?

I have this very subtle headache. On the positive side, some mysterious person refilled my gummy jar with organic vegan cubs, the very best, so I can boost up my sugar levels.

I was just thinking about the time I spent with my friends over in Madrid. Some of them I used to see every day not too long ago, and now we see each other a few times a year. It’s not easy, or I guess it is in some cases, or more in some cases than others. It’s different no matter how easy it is though.

Sounds like I’m going to get busy soon, so I’m going to get posting. I’m not too inspired or coherent anyway. It’s tuesday but it feels like a tough monday…… We didn’t take too many pictures but I’m sure I’ll find something later to make this long post a little less tedious.

Oh. So, we might be back for New Year’s, by the way. To make Brente a Residente, on his way to Presidente.

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