The Longest Christmas Ever

We start 2007 at JFK, with a two-hour delay ahead of us, so I have a little time to catch up. We scored a pass to the Lounge and we took over a little conference room they have, so it feels like I’m writing something very important. Hopefully it’ll keep my mind off of the whole airport-plane-flying thing. Shouldn’t I be over this by now, you might wonder.

The first time I was ever on a plane I was 8 years old, and I was going on vacation to the Canary Islands with my family. I don’t remember much about the trip, but I do remember that my sister and I had the greatest time on the plane. We were running around, up and down the aisles, and I also remember some airline little toys they gave us (back in the days when they gave you stuff on planes) that I was pretty happy with. Crayons and a coloring book or something like that. So my first flight was awesome. The second flight I don’t really remember, but it was to Vienna on a family vacation too.

The third flight I do remember. I was 13, and I was being sent against my will to spend a month in Ireland. While all my friends where either at camp or at the beach or cloud-watching, I was forced by my dad to go to some foreign country that I knew nothing about, except for these few things:

– I didn’t know anybody there, except for my sister
– People didn’t speak Spanish
– It rained pretty much all the time
– People drove on the wrong side of the road
– I didn’t want to go

It was actually a great summer and I made new friends and had such a good time, I didn’t want to go back home. But in the search of an explanation to my utterly irrational fear of flying, this dramatic story of a traumatized girl being sent to language war is the best I’ve found yet. Or at least, it’s where my fear began. From that summer on, I started flying more and more, and even though I’m doing much better now and I’ve achieved such things as being able to go to the bathroom and sleep on the plane, it’s still there.

Nancy & Art's Christmas treeSo maybe that can be one of my resolutions for 2007? Hmm. I hadn’t even thought about resolutions yet!

It’s been a while since my last post. December is always like that, it’s a very busy month, but as we Sagittarius people know, it’s the best month! I was sick a lot (I’m still coughing), I was sick on my birthday and I was sick for most of our trip to Florida, hopefully that’ll be my share of colds for the winter. We decided that it’s going to be our last winter in NYC, so if everything goes according to our master plan, cold days will soon be something of the past.

Margarita loved FloridaThis Christmas was really special. Not only it has been branded The Longest Christmas Ever®, but we’ve had some spectacular moments, and a very special star guest – Margarita. Good ol’ Margo left Brooklyn for the first time in her life to spend a nice winter vacation in Florida. She was a trooper on the plane (much better than me, as embarrassing as that might be), and she adapted to her new surroundings within 20 minutes or so. She had an awesome time, and she seemed to be so much at home, from Poang to Poang, that I was a little disappointed when we got back to Brooklyn and within a second of opening her carrier, she was promptly at her food bowl. Two minutes later, she was on the couch. She’s got some character.

– – – Pause. Watching Lost. We’re hooked. To a show about these people lost in an island after a plain crash. – – –

Will gave Ryka the biggest surprise!The most spectacular moment, what we will all remember this Christmas for, was Ryka & Will’s engagement. And it is definitely something they will never forget. See, there’s visual document from three different angles. That’s what happens when you propose in front of a big family armed with digital cameras. Some of the photographers had a little trouble taking pictures, as they were sobbing and shooting at the same time. It was a really beautiful moment, and we were all (well, most of us) so surprised, we could barely hold the tears. Will did get into the family with a star performance! Congratulations Will and Ryka!!!!!

catch of the day!Looks like we might start boarding soon. I can’t forget to mention Brent’s big catch: two very ugly, but really tasty, sheepshead fish. I’m posting a little closeup of their molars. He caught two big ones, grilled them to perfection, and fed 6 happy people.
– – – very long pause – – –

Somehow it’s been two days since we left, so it’s already January 3rd and you can’t really say Happy New Year anymore. But it’s still the holiday season here! The big day is on saturday, when the Three Wise Men deliver presents. Actually they deliver them on friday night. There isn’t any tradition about them coming in through the chimney, but they do come riding camels so people leave out food for them as well. So people are still shopping like crazy and we’re still eating holiday sweets and there’s still decorations everywhere. It is definitely the Longest Christmas Ever®.

Presidente, Residente!Today, January 3rd, Brent became a resident of Spain! He is on his way to president! He got his residency card for five years. I’m so jealous. So we’re both immigrants now! And we had our first class a little while ago. He better shape up if he wants to apply for citizenship next year!

We also went to IKEA!!!!! We were shopping for a mattress and a big table for our room in the country house. We found a pretty cool table, it’s a dining table but it will work great as an office table. Long and skinny. We went to check out the house after the IKEA trip, and it’s looking great, it’s all painted (all the rooms, and new paint outside) and looking close to done, but there are still some touch ups and little things here and there. So this is probably the last time that we’re staying at my parent’s place outside of Madrid! I can’t wait to spend more time in the country.

For those of you who met Wilma and Betty, the little mastiff puppies, they have been relocated. They had taken on the bad habit of running away, and the last time they were spotted running behind some deer in a property nearby. So, my dad’s brothers happily adopted one each, and they’re now living in country houses in Avila. Bola is now the queen again.

We are pretty badly jet-lagged. Last night we stayed up til 1am, watching another LOST episode. We woke up at 4.41am and wouldn’t go back to sleep. We were reading for over an hour, then back to sleep. I managed to sleep but Brent stayed up til around 7am, then slept until 10. No nap : ( So this is going to be it for now. I better get posting if I don’t want this to get too old!

I do want to make my resolutions for 2007 before I sign off. I don’t ask a lot of myself so it shouldn’t be too hard:

– Take some more cooking lessons
– Start learning French
– Write more

Making them public should make me more committed to them.

Feliz Año Nuevo!

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