All roads lead to Brooklyn

La Casa de ToledoA few months ago, I adapted the expression “Holy Moley” to sound more like the Spanish “Madre del Verbo”, which I say a lot. “Holy name of Molly” is more like it. And that is exactly what I thought when we got to our seats here on the plane that is taking us back to Brooklyn, after almost a month of jumping around the world, during the Longest Christmas Ever.

welcome inside (watch out for the buckets)It was a tricky process to get here though. Our flight was originally scheduled for Friday afternoon. They called us on Tuesday to tell us that our flight had been rescheduled for Thursday morning. Then they called us yesterday to tell us our flight wasn’t happening at all, and they were putting us on a flight with Iberia. So we got to the Air Plus counter at the old airport, got our new tickets, then took a shuttle bus to the new airport, checked in with Iberia, then changed our boarding passes after my dad made just one phone call. He definitely deserves to be called “The Fixer”, as he fixed our seating situation and changed our coach-class 21J&L for business plus 6J&L. And that’s where Holy name of Molly comes in. Our seats are not only mammoth, they also lay down horizontally and they give you a massage. We scored a little toiletries bag with L’Occitane goodies, champagne and fresh OJ, all before take-off. We have our own screens to play 12 different movies. And the best thing of all – we’re the only people in our section. A few more flights like this and I might reconsider my flying issues.

OliveManIt’s been a pretty short trip, and also a very relaxed one. We haven’t been out much, just went out for dinner with friends a couple of times, to the movies once, to a very cool concert… I guess we did go out a bit. We mainly spent our time with my parents, and out in the country, working on the beautiful house in Toledo, which is almost finished. I mopped in a few days more than I had in my whole life. Those tiles really like to hold on to dust. But the house should be pretty much ready in a few weeks. I am so happy for my parents, I feel really grateful that they are building their dream home after so many years of hard work. I think ever since his early childhood days up in the mountains, without running water or electricity, my dad has been dreaming of this house. And he has worked his way up to it, every single day. So it’s really awesome to see them take care of all the little details of the house. I just hope that my dad will start working a little less, and will have more and more time to enjoy life in his own paradise.

our bedroom, phase IWhile I mopped away and helped my mom bringing a little order to the general construction chaos, Brent was working on the olive trees, pruning away. He didn’t get a chance to keep working on his stone path, but he got a lot done on the trees, and he did his share of cleaning too. We moved our bedroom furniture into our room, and it looks great, we got this very cool trunk and then some teak night stands and headboard (more items coming soon from IKEA). I can’t wait to stay there next time! We tested all the new fireplaces, and one didn’t really past the test -it actually almost blew up. It was a very old cast-iron small wood-burning stove, and it gave three loud explosions before it cracked. Our small share of action in the peaceful environment of Toledo.

We got some more action yesterday, when we had to take my mom to the emergency room with a really bad muscle cramp that extended from her back through her right arm to her fingers. Nothing to worry about, but she was in pain and needs to spend a few days in bed, which for her is more of a pain than the muscle cramp.

our downstairs It looks like we’re over the Atlantic already. There’s a sign over the two motors out here that says “No grab”. I guess if something happens I should hold on to the wing instead. We should be getting to JFK in less than 7 hours. I have a couple of books with me, and a whole media lab right here on my screen, so time should go by pretty smoothly. It wouldn’t go as smoothly if I had paid a full fare for this seat – I would probably be calculating how much every second here is costing me. Although I guess if I was able to spend that much on a plane ticket, I wouldn’t really care.

– – – really long pause flying across the Atlantic and sleeping for many, many hours – – –

stairs around the new middle room It seems like these posts are becoming two or three-day projects. We had the most pleasant flight in our flying history, and we got home pretty quick from JFK. Margo was really happy to see us, she was purring away and following us all over the place, I guess making sure we weren’t leaving again. And after doing our share of unpacking and cleaning, we’re settling down again and getting things back to normal. We have the whole weekend to get back up to speed, so we’ll take it easy.

After all, it’s been the Longest Christmas Ever. Almost a month for us. It has been so much fun, and we’ve both had such a great time in both sides of the Atlantic, but after a lot of jumping around for a while I always long for a little bit of nice and steady routine.

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