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Fast forward a couple of years since the last post: there’s one more little guy in the house, Nico is going to school, and I have virtually no free time to speak of. That’s the short story. One of the things no one tells you before you have kids is that time, as you know it, changes the day you get pregnant. In many ways, too. For instance, before I had kids, if I didn’t see a friend for a year or two, it didn’t seem like much had changed – you’d catch up about what’s been going on, but there wouldn’t be any striking differences since the last time you saw each other. Once you have kids, they become a walking (and kind of harsh) reminder of how insanely fast time seems to be going by. We just saw our friends Jason and Katie last night, and Katie hadn’t seen Nico in a couple of years, before he even started crawling. Well, now he’s talking and going to school and singing lots of songs he has memorized, dancing and painting and has friends of his own. Bam, just like that.

And of course the other issue with time once you have kids is that, well, you don’t really have any to spare. Or at least I don’t. Actually most of the moms I know don’t have much free time, so it’s not just me being disorganized. By the time I’m done with work, taking care of house stuff (which almost every day involves about 10 loads of laundry), and hanging with the kids (which is spread out throughout the day, just like work and everything else, because when you work from home that’s just how it goes), well there’s not a lot of time or energy to do much else. And this is not a complaint – I couldn’t really be happier, and I know I’m really lucky that I get to spend so much time with my monkeys. I wouldn’t have it any other way, even if I could get more time to myself. I guess what I’m trying to say is that people who don’t have kids don’t seem to understand how it is, and I get it, because I didn’t know it would be like this before I had kids. Sometimes I just feel like waving a little flag, saying “it’s not that I don’t care! I just don’t have any time”.

We are well into 2011 at this point, so I’m going to call it a February resolution instead: I should procrastinate less and carve out more time. To write, catch up with friends, do my nails. And bake, that’s a high priority, there have been complaints.

That’s it for the night. Buenas noches.

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