The Lagerman Stone

Margo.comToday was a special day. Not only because we had a low of 10 degress, which is cold even in Celsius, but also because Brent finally passed his stone. It’s a little pellet the size of a lentil, which for a kidney stone is a decent size. He is now a stoneless man, and doesn’t need to carry a strainer with him at all times anymore. The doctor suggested that he make a necklace with the stone, which is extremely gross but also serves as an exception for the rule that doctors cannot be funny.

our first snow of the yearSince we haven’t taken any pictures of the stone, I’m posting a couple of recent photos. One is Margo the Web Designer cat (she’s an HTML wiz), and the other one is the first snow of the winter on our yard on monday morning. As you can see, nothing exciting has happened this week… It’s been really cold and after the kidney stone incident last Saturday, we’ve been pretty much working at home the whole time. Which is the best thing we can do right now: stay warm and put some cash in the piggy bank for our Florida house.

We do have exciting news coming up: we’re finishing a few sites that are going to be really cool and we’re very proud of (check back in a week or two), and we’re going to TEXAS! We just booked our tickets to visit Ryka and Will in early march. I’m hoping to catch on the accent. It’s a stupid hobby I share with my dad, imitating accents, we are very easily amused. He saw my talent at an early age, and trained me to master all kinds of South American accents. So it’s probably his fault that every time I visit my sister in London I start cracking up whenever somebody talks to me.

We’re watching an Iron Chef episode on beets – what can you make with beets?! I need to pay attention here.

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