Our Future

Here’s what Margo’s looks like (make sure your speakers are on):

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As for our future. It’s a little after 10am and it’s 17ºF out there. It’s probably windy, too. I’m not going to find out. But in my mind, I’m putting my snow boots on and my two thickest coats, and stomping out to the middle of the yard. I’m raising my left fist up to the cold air, and at the top of my lungs I tell the wind:

– As God is my witness, I will never be this cold again!! You sucker!

Yesterday we had lunch with our friend Steve at the other side of the Park. The thought of walking back home crossed our minds for a brief half a second, but then we decided we would take a cab. We were in the middle of Grand Army Plaza, which is a huge square where no cab could find you, so we had to walk two blocks to 7th Avenue. As we conquered every foot of our way down there, we noticed how most people looked fine. I looked at Brent and saw his face was in similar pain than when he was getting ready to go to the E.R. a couple of weeks ago. I couldn’t see my own face, but I knew it was a cross between extremely scared and extremely angry, with a touch of end-of-the-world sadness. And then this guy goes by us, jogging. Jogging! And most people seem busy with whatever it is they’re doing; they are cold, but they don’t seem to care. So maybe it’s just us. Maybe it’s not such crappy weather, maybe we’re not fit for it.

Well, whatever it is, I couldn’t care less. I’m not spending another winter here. I’m not fit for this cold, and I don’t want to be! I shall never freeze my butt off again waiting for a cab!

So we have decided that this is most certainly our last winter in Brooklyn, unless global warming makes a spectacular move in the next week or so. We’re saving for a down payment to buy a house in Florida. And even if we get fried with taxes and we don’t reach our target, we’ll get a house. If we end up having enough for a little shack in Sopchoppy, Wakulla County, then Sopchoppy it’ll be.

Although hopefully it won’t be.

The cold hasn’t allowed us to do too much this week, other than staying home and working. I went back to Digitas in Manhattan on Thursday, and it seems like I’m going to get back to my three-day schedule over there. We’ve been interviewing interns this past week, and will be interviewing some more this week. We have replaced our long after-work walks for Arrested Development on DVD. We haven’t had fish all week because it’s too cold to go to the fish market. We haven’t even taken those two checks to the bank because, well, it’s a 10 minute walk. So there’s little we’ve been doing, and a lot that we haven’t been doing.

The good side is that we get to spend a very, very lazy sunday at home. You don’t get any of that in the summer here.

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