Sliding through February

The Racket Monsta!Last weekend we had highs in the 30s, and we hurried to the park to take advantage of such an unusual event. After a few minutes playing with our rackets, we were able to take our coats off. All that nice weather seems like such a long time ago! But I’m not going to badmouth New York for the bad weather anymore. Or at least not as much. We ordered a new PC laptop from HP (for website testing purposes only), and it’s been stuck for days in Minnesota due to “bad weather conditions”. Same goes for our new sugar bowl, stuck a few hundred miles away in Uniondale, NY, for the same reason.

The sliding monstaWe actually enjoyed a nice day out in the city yesterday. It was sunny and not too cold, so after sliding our way though Prospect Park we went to Manhattan with the idea of visiting the Frick Collection. I had been there when I was at Hunter College, which is around the corner from the museum, and I remembered it being around $5. And I was right, but I was a student back then, and the old discount days are gone. A $15 ticket for a small museum seemed too steep, so we made a few jokes about their freak collection and kept walking uptown to the Met, just a few blocks away.

A window by L.C. TiffanyThey had a really awesome Louis Comfort Tiffany exhibit at the Met, with pieces from the mansion that he built in Oyster Bay, Long Island but only lasted a few decades until it burned down in 1957. It sounded like a romantic mystery, the 84-room mansion getting all burned down. It also sounded like the fire department in Oyster Bay wasn’t too responsive.

Central ParkAfter the Met we took a walk through Central Park, and for the first time in a few weeks it felt really great to be here. New York is not so nice in the winter, but some times, specially when you’re in Central Park and there’s pretty white snow all around you, it’s unbeatable. We met up with our friend Alex for paella y vino at this place called Luca Bar, it’s more of an Italian place but their paella is one of the best in town. Some evenings they also have a French guy playing guitar and singing flamenco style songs in Spanish, so it’s either a conspiracy or the European Union in action.

Teresa by a frozen lake in Central ParkAny other news this week? Not too exciting, but sort of exciting, is that we have a new intern. Her name is Veronica and she started working on Tuesday, and she seems to be a fast learner, so we’re happy to have her in the mYm team. I was working on an IBM project at work all week except Friday, when I was home doing the gazillion things I had piled up. I need to get back to my 3-day schedule at Digitas, 4 days seem to eat up too much of my mYm time!

After work, and despite the cold, there’s always time for love. No need for censorship! We celebrated V* day at our local favorite bar, had some beer and burgers, and drank to our first V* day as husband and wife. Speaking of being a wife, a few weeks ago I noticed a rash or some sort of allergic reaction around my wedding ring, so I switched it (along with my big huge diamond, thank you sweetie) to my right hand. The rash went away, but my right hand fingers are skinnier and the rings were a little too loose. So back to my left hand. No rashes for now. Strange.

Margo has put herself on a diet – she hates the new food we got her, so she seems to eat only when she’s starving, and just enough to fill her stomach. She also puked last night, which Brent interpreted as her turning bulimic, but I think it probably has more to do with her chewing on plastic bags or anything she can get her jaws on.

20ºF outside. Oh, and I forgot to talk about Norbit. But it’s already past my bedtime. I’m just really happy that Brent and I have a similar level of retarded sense of humor.

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