My happiest visit to the dentist *ever*

It was actually my first happy visit to the dentist, and also the first time I’ve been to one that wasn’t in Spain, so maybe I can blame it all on the Spanish Dentistry schools. Anyway, not only did the doctor not say terrible things about my teeth, he actually complimented me on my beautiful smile and healthy pearls. But here’s where he won a lifelong client:

– Doctor: So how old are you again?

– Me: Uhm, twenty four.

– Doctor: Well, you got the wisdom teeth of a fifteen year-old!

– Me: Why, thank you, doctor!

So my wisdom teeth are dormant and don’t seem to be even considering the idea of coming up to surface in the next few years. And the doctor said that even if they did, they got themselves a good spot, so it should be okay. But he said he didn’t see any action coming from them in the next ten years.

It hurts to admit that my dad was right after all, when he said that I will never get my wisdom.

The whole dentist experience was great, besides the good wisdom teeth news. The staff was friendly, the doctor knew was really nice and friendly, and the place was modern and pristine. After years of teary-eyed tragedies, I have finally found my dental match. If I’m writing a whole post about this at midnight, believe me it’s a big deal!

Wa-hoo! Wisdom-freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

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