Today I spent the day looking at the time on the top right corner of my computer screen every three minutes or so. I took around 15 bathroom breaks, over 10 chit chat breaks, and more or less 10 coffee/tea/water breaks (which would in part explain all the bathroom breaks). It was a combination of it being my last day at Digitas for a couple of weeks, and spending the day sitting around waiting for the IBM guys to call me with more changes… or not call me for an hour… Anyway, 6pm ended up coming up at its usual time, and I flew down the stairs from the 6th floor (my daily exercise, up and down a few times) and almost kicked my heels a la Fred Astaire when I got out on the street. Woo-hooo! Two weeks off!



Me happy!!!

fresh snow (again) on Monday morningI’m really excited about our Texas trip! It sounds like there’s so much to do in Dallas. Ryka has sent us some cool links with lots of info, so we’ll do our homework tonight, pack in the morning, and get going in the afternoon!

Funnily enough, I’m going to be in the same time zone as my dad for a couple of days while we’re in Texas – he’s in Cancun, Mexico, until Thursday night. I just talked to him a while ago and I could hear the ocean in the background… I asked him if his job could be inherited, but then I thought twice and tried to picture myself taking a 12 hour flight, having been warned only a day ahead of time. I think I’ll pass.

We’re leaving Brooklyn with some snow on the ground (pictured), but no hard feelings. It’s been nicer this week, and we even ventured out on the weekend a few times. We went to the Armory show (long line for tickets and funny art piece, pictured), which was cool but not life-changing, then did some touring with our friend Victoria of the Meatpacking District and the West Village, which are neighborhoods that I don’t know too well (especially the first one) and would love to explore some more… Maybe when it warms up…

mink coats still worn around New YorkOn Sunday we had a delightful brunch at our neighbors Bruce and Guy’s, it seems like they can whip up a wonderful and sophisticated meal effortlessly any time. Even if they only had two minutes and a tomato and a lemon to work with, they would make you happy. And then it was time for the Oscars at Scott & Luci’s… The ceremony was pretty fun, Ellen DeGeneres was great, and I won a bottle of wine for being the person who missed the most on the awards poll. So that was a lot of fun. Until the storm started and we had to leave and we couldn’t get any of the cab companies on the phone and decided to try our luck outside. Fortunately we didn’t have to go far to find a yellow cab, moving slowly through the snow. It turned out to be one of those funny cab drivers that after three minutes in the car tell you that they’re looking for a wife but no luck yet, women only want money these days.

we're disappearing from Brooklyn!So our schedule for the next couple of weeks… we’re going to Texas tomorrow, get back on Monday, then two days later we go to Florida (bringing Margo with us, she’s a trooper) and then back to Brooklyn a week later on Wednesday 3/14. When I saw all that on my calendar I thought, jeez, we totally are a couple of jetsetters! This is what the internet and a laptop can do for you, with the help of cheap airfares and family members with such luxuries as spare bedrooms. On the other hand, we’re never really on vacation cause we always work when we travel. So I guess that makes us working jetsetters.

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