From Texas to Florida via Brooklyn

Trolley navigatorYou might think that we’re frequent fliers doing business all over the country, but we’re actually a couple of snowbirds trying to stay away from Brooklyn for a while. We’re on our way to Florida right now, and I’m going to get my third granola bar this week courtesy of Delta Airlines. Pretty soon they’ll be distributing peanuts one at a time.

sculpture garden at the NasherLet’s backtrack to my first granola bar a week ago. We went to Dallas, TX, last Wednesday. It was my first time so far west – the furthest I had been was Chicago. Ryka picked us up at the airport and after dropping our stuff at their beautiful (and huge!) place, she took us to their favorite sushi place, Little Katana, where we had Alaska rolls Texas style: crab salad in the middle, avocado and salmon rolled on the outside.

Mr. Longhorn on festive attireThe next day we explored the city while Ryka was at work. We walked to the West Village area, and on that walk we already noticed the unusual amount of Porches and other fancy cars zipping around. The West Village is a nice area with shops and restaurants, so we shopped for a bit, then ate lunch. I got this awesome Texas-style shirt at a store called Octane that had gas pumps as handles on the front doors. After lunch we took a free trolley to the other side of town. The trolley was really neat, it looked like it was from the early 1900s, and it also worked like it was from the early 1900s, but that was part of the charm. We got downtown, where all the skyscrapers are, as well as the art district. We visited the Nasher museum, which has a really nice sculpture garden, where we laid down in the sun for a while (coming from Brooklyn, laying in the sun felt incredible).

dinosaur tracks! or are they Margo's?After a trip to Whole Foods that made me very jealous (I want one in our neighborhood!), we picked up Will at the airport. We grilled some fish at home that night, we experimented with some kinds we hadn’t tried – Will and I had this hawaiian something that was really buttery, and yummy.

Ryka & Will at the natural parkOn Friday we drove out a couple hours into the country. And that’s where old school Texas was! Cowboy hats here, a gun shack there, a 500 pound guy in overalls over there. We had some real Texas BBQ at a funny place on the side of the road, with Mr. Longhorn (see above) watching our every move. After the BBQ we arrived at our destination, Dinosaur Valley, a natural park with very well preserved dinosaur tracks. It was a really beautiful day, so we walked around, following the tracks along a stream, enjoying the sun, the peace and quiet and the fresh air. It was really fun and relaxing too. On our way back it was dark already, and we could see oil rigs dotting the landscape. So that’s where all the Porches come from, huh.

hello, cowboyBack in Dallas that night we met up with Brent’s friend Kelly from Film school, and her boyfriend Mark. We went to this bar that had a pretty cool live rockabilly band, and served 750ml beers from Belgium. Everything is big in Texas, even if they have to import it from Europe!

sunset on the way back from dinosaur centralOn Saturday we did a little shopping in the morning and checked out a couple of French bulldogs that Will and Ryka would love to call their own. We also went to a big lake where people go biking and jogging and sailing, although it was a little chilly and windy and we couldn’t do any of those three things, so we dismissed the yacht and went back home. We went to a really nice steakhouse for dinner, and got pretty stuffed with awesome filet mignon. After dinner, things didn’t go so smoothly. We had read great reviews for Pan’s Labyrinth, and had heard that it was a little scary, but we thought scary as in monsters-and-suspense-scary. So we took our very full stomachs to the theater and sat through this movie, which might be very good, but it really upset me and my stomach. Once again, sorry Ryka and Will, we didn’t know what we were doing!!

Brent talking to Beth at the botanical gardensSunday was our last day. After a great brunch at a latin bistro, we went to the botanical gardens. It’s more like a really nice big park, with many different kinds of trees and plants. It was another sunny day in Dallas, so we walked around the park and ended our visit at a Bonsai competition, where we picked our favorites. That night we got sushi again – for being so far away from the ocean, they have really awesome fish in Dallas!

sunny, happy and relaxed : )We didn’t want to leave on Monday morning! We had such a great time, and got to relax after these last couple of months of lots of work and crazy freezing weather in Brooklyn. We slept a lot the whole time we were in Texas – a good 10 hours every night. It must have been something to do with the bed, right? Cause we rarely ever sleep that much. Ryka and Will took great care of us and showed us around their city, and it was just really nice to spend some time with them and hear about their wedding plans (we’re going to Mexico! ay compadre!) and see what is it that they like so much about Dallas.

this reminded me of Memoirs of a Geisha (the movie)We had a 48-hour FREEZING layover in Brooklyn. It was 14ºF and windy yesterday at 1pm. We took care of a few work things, got haircuts, had dinner with Kate, followed by gessert (a Kate & Brent word that causes both of them to giggle for a very long time, and reinforces the theory that they are secretly related. As for the meaning, ask them). Kate is coming down to Florida shortly after we go back to NY, as she usually does. But once we have our place in Florida she promised to visit us while we’re there.

Big news. Great news! Amazing news! Margo lost an ounce! A whole ounce! She lost weight! An ounce! We were jumping around ecstatic at the vet when the dr.’s assistant rolled her eyes and said, “uh, well, that’s about three laps of water…”. Still, it’s a big achievement, as she usually has gained at least a pound every time we take her to the vet. So she’s a slim 13.9lb. That nasty diet food seems to be working. She’s all drugged up and hopefully sleeping down there in her carrier. They made us take her out to put her carrier through the x-ray machine, and she got a little nervous as the airport was very crowded, but she did just fine. She’s a trooper.

We have an hour left until we get to West Palm. Can’t wait to see everybody! Ah, 80º weather, plans for fishing… I think we’re going to get some extra motivation this week for our Florida Plan.

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