After the Quake

You would think that I haven’t written in the past month because either there hasn’t been much going on or I broke both my arms. Well not only are my arms healthy and strong (ha) as ever, but there’s been so much going on, I just haven’t had time to sit down and do a little writing. Whenever I had a moment to relax, I basically just collapsed on the couch, stared at the ceiling, and tried my hardest to enjoy the break.

Let’s backtrack a little over a month – after our trip to Texas, we went to Florida for a week. We had a really good time, we spent a lot of good times with the family and went fishing and to the beach… We did some house hunting too. We looked at house prices around the Stuart area, and we were pretty much ready to go.

But then we got back to Brooklyn, and not only did we get smacked in the face really hard by the cold, but our tax return left us pretty shocked and slightly traumatized for about a couple of weeks. This is what happens when you run your own small business and you have no idea what you’re doing in the accounting department. I manage to pay the bills, to keep good records of everything, but I wasn’t really preparing at all for good old Uncle Sam and his big collection agency. We ended up surviving the blow, but it sort of shook us up and made us rethink everything.

And all of a sudden, it seemed like getting a house in Florida wasn’t the best idea. We realized that even if we got a nice place there for the winter, our place in Brooklyn wouldn’t grow a square inch while we were away, so we would be solving the freezing cold issue but not the lack of space. In the end, Brooklyn won – for now. We feel like we can still be happy here for a few years. Not forever, but for now Brooklyn is a lot of fun, and I guess now that it’s getting a little (just a little) warmer, we’re seeing more of the bright side of living here.

While this was happening, we were working even more than usual. I went from 3 days at the agency in Manhattan to 5 days, then working at home on mimoYmima in the evening and on the weekend. Some freelancers had been mysteriously disappearing lately, after they started outsourcing some work to Costa Rica, so I couldn’t really say no to longer weeks.

We put our place on the market a couple of weeks ago. We’ve had two open houses, both of them rainy. This weekend should be sunny and nice though, finally. I’m also getting back to my shorter week at Digitas, 4 days this week and then should be back to 3 days. We’ve seen a bunch of apartments, and there’s more out there than we thought. We’re hoping to stay in the same building we’re in – we really really like it here. It’s our life in Brooklyn.

So it seems like after a very crazy month, things are starting to calm down and make sense. We are finally defrosted, the trees are starting to bloom, and we like Brooklyn again. The thing is, buying a bigger place would mean that we would be stuck here for the winter. And I had my Scarlett O’Hara moment a couple of months ago, swearing that I would never be that cold again.

The way I look at it now is, we can always go to Florida any time we want. We’re lucky to have plenty of guest rooms available for us. And, you know what? If we get sick of it, we just sell, grab our cash, put Margo on the carrier, and get a big fat house in Florida.

So there’s always Plan FL. But for now, we’ll stick with Brooklyn.

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