Lost and Found

Margarita peeking out to the worldJune is around the corner, but the summer is already knocking on our door. Just as we were getting used to the beautiful Brooklyn Spring, it starts getting hot and humid and, well, we need a fan. Since we’re in the middle of trying to sell our place, we’re not sure if we’ll go for a ceiling fan, or a more temporary and portable solution. Anyway, it seems clear that there are only three or four months of nice weather here during the year. Too cold in the winter, too hot and humid in the summer. But still, we love it.

Brent giving Margo a tour of Prospect ParkThere’s been a lot going on lately. Our place is still on the market, although we’re taking a much more relaxed approach. After a month and a half with a realtor and nothing happening, we decided to give it a shot ourselves. So we’re doing our own open houses now, which are a lot easier because we don’t have to take Margo out to the park anymore. She didn’t really enjoy the experience too much, usually too scared to get out of her carrier bag, which I still can’t understand – at home she’s the queen of the yard, running around and chasing birds. Anyway, we’re taking it all easier now, and we’re just going to let it sit there for a while and see what happens.

Picture showdown!We’ve been enjoying the spring, and that means being out all the time. Hanging out at the park, riding our bikes, exploring other neighborhoods… This picture is from a few weeks ago when we went down to Red Hook with Kate (photographed, photographing) and ate a lot of good latin food and walked around that strange neighborhood. Desolate but exciting at the same time.

The beach in Montauk - it wasn't very crowded And May kept flying by and our anniversary came around : ) We took a little trip out to the beach in Montauk. The weather changed drastically that weekend to cold and rain, but we still had a great time – and still went to the beach. It was our first trip to Montauk of the season, we’ll be going back many times over the summer.

The FishermanMy friend Gema was visiting last week from Berlin, and last Saturday we were showing her around Manhattan. We crossed the Brooklyn Bridge and walked around the Battery Park area, which is really neat and never too crowded. We also saw this Memorial that they built for the Irish potato famine of the mid-1800s. It seems like there’s Memorials for just about anything in this country. I thought it was kind of funny because my dad and I have this joke that Brent and I are going to end up being potato farmers in Idaho. Don’t ask me why, but we think it’s really funny. After the tour of downtown Manhattan we walked around the West Village, walking forever trying to find a bar that Brent had been to, uh, six or seven years ago. We ended up finding it after a lot of walking, but… it was closed.

El puente de BrooklynSpeaking of finding things! Yesterday we walked through the park on our way to the subway to go to Kate’s, and we stopped to lay around on the grass and read for a while, and then we went to Kate’s and ate a lot of sushi and watched a movie and had a lot of fun. So far so good. We got back home after midnight, and we didn’t have any keys. I had forgotten to get mine, and Brent’s were gone. So we woke up our poor neighbors to get their set of keys, and after talking to Kate and seeing that she didn’t find the keys in her apartment, we figured they must be in the park. So we went this morning and walked around in little circles where we were yesterday, for over an hour, and when I was announcing that we really should just go home, Brent said simply “I found them”. And so he found them. The week before, on the way back from the beach, he left his phone on the train – fortunately, the train conductor gave it back to him the next day. This all makes me worry about his wallet – I know it will be next. He really should use a man purse.

Calling my dad to tell him about the Potato MemorialMemorial Day today, getting Monday out of the way, it will be nice to go back to work on a Tuesday for a change. We were at our neighbors’ for a BBQ and had a great time and ate a lot… And mainly relaxed and didn’t do much, that’s what a Monday should always be like!

As I write this Margo is purring like a motor, begging for a second round of dinner – or is she just being nice? I can’t really tell these days, she’s getting so sweet. She really is getting older. I think I’ll get her some cantaloupe, and some ice cream for myself, and enjoy the rest of this lazy Monday.

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