Grillin’ & Chillin’

Brent and his new best friendIs it a spaceship? No! Is it a giant blueberry? Noo! Wait… It’s a grill! A hot dog factory! A sizzling weekend booster! And it’s in our yard!!

We got the grill on Friday and Brent and Wai tested it with some turkey burgers. The next day, we went on a mission to get the chef the proper tools, and now we’re all set for a beautiful and smokey summer. We’ve been wanting a grill for months, so our crazy excitement should be understood. On saturday we traded a beach day for a Brooklyn day (it was supposed to rain), and it ended up being a great grilling stravaganza. Kate came over all the way from Manhattan, and our neighbors Sean and Stacy & Lee and their little boy Hudson came over too. Hot dogs, chicken and beer – simple ingredients for a great summer night!

Kate oversees the grilling operationToday we had an open house… The weather, once again, wasn’t on our side, but we had some people in. We’ll see, we have one more weekend before we go to Seattle and then we’re away for two weekends. It’s definitely a lot easier to have open houses without the realtor, and not having to take Margo anywhere – she’s actually a people charmer most of the time.

Margarita, always Queen of the YardWork is going good, I’m pretty much back on my 3-day track, and we’re pitching some new jobs… We’re going to start planning a big mimoYmima party to celebrate our second year in business. It will be in early July at some point, so keep a look out for more news on that…

While I’m writing this, the new season of The Next FoodNetwork Star is on… We don’t watch much TV, but this and The Next HGTV Design Star are our guilty pleasures. It might have to do with the fact that those are basically the two channels we get.

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