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I wasn't scared of that planeHome on a 4th of July? Yes, I’m sick. I’ve been trying to get rid of this cold since we got back from Seattle last week, but the germs seem to really like me. Just like the mosquitoes. I fare extremely well with all the evil little creatures in this country. I did have my share of BBQ though, at our neighbor Sean’s roof deck for lunch, some oversized hot dogs that have a sophisticated name which I have forgotten already. So it’s not that tragic. Plus, I get to lay on the couch, listening to old French songs, and think about our great trip to the North West.

Always making friendsOne of the things we learned during the trip is that we must switch to Continental. We flew Delta on a direct flight from JFK to Seattle, six and a half hours, and all they gave us was a silly little snack. And their trivia game is not as fun anymore. So as soon as we got back we cashed out our points and got our way-more-than-Christmas flights (we’ll be in Florida for three weeks at the end of the year!!).

that was one big needleThat was probably the only bad part of the trip though – we had an awesome time. We arrived a couple of days earlier than everybody, so we got to spend some time with Jim and Margaret at their beautiful apartment in Tacoma. Right from the beginning I was amazed at how quaint and quiet everything was, and having the water all around made it that much more amazing. We went to the Glass museum, where we saw all the glass making action at their full-scale hot shop, and sampled some of the local beers – although Rainier would become without a doubt the staple beer of the trip.

With people arriving almost every day, it reminded me a bit of last year in Spain. But what was really a shocking copy and paste from last year was that Nancy and Art rented (by accident) a big huge white van. Which was great, because we all went together to Seattle in it. Seattle was really nice, it was very clean and open and everybody seemed nice and civilized… it’s probably actually just a normal city, but coming from New York almost anything looks like Fantasyland.

Dogfish #28Brent and I took a little trip out to Victoria, in Canada. I was very excited to set foot in Canada for the first time, and I can’t wait to be back! The drive out to Port Angeles (where we got the ferry to Victoria) was gorgeous, we kept going through forests and mountains and lakes, and everything was so peaceful… Victoria was a lot of fun, we wandered around and spent a lot of time in the harbor area, where Brent met the funny mermaid in the picture. We also went kayaking, which is my new favorite thing! It was especially fun to paddle around the harbor with all the seaplanes taking off and landing every five minutes, and seals popping up to say hi every once in a while.

little people in Mt. RainierBack in Washington state, we had a fishing day and a hiking day. They were both successful, although the fishing success was a little bittersweet. See, we caught some 40 or 50 fish. You would think, wow! Well, apart from a couple of exceptions, they were all the same kind of fish, dogfish, which is a type of shark that isn’t really edible. It was still a lot of fun though, and Brent got to use his SOG many times – we actually couldn’t have made it through the day without the SOG. The SOG is this glorified and magnified sort of swiss army knife, for those unknowledgeable in the field, and Brent got it at a store where they sold uniforms for postal service workers and handcuffs. As well as SOGs.

The hiking day was soooo beautiful, we drove out to Mt. Rainier with Jim and we took this trail that was quite steep, but really worth the climb. I had never seen trees that big! We hadn’t been out in nature in quite a while, so it felt really good to be there and get some fresh air.

fresh air!!We had many fun evenings watching the sunset from one of the many porches of the house, drinking Rainier beer, and getting together with Margaret’s family. We grilled and had pizza and there was a fried chicken stravaganza… Although my favorite thing was by far Margaret’s mother’s wonderful raspberry jam (yes, I still have something left. Thank you so much!!). Jim is definitely a lucky one. And we had a blast!

It was also really fun to spend some time hanging out with Mikey, who is growing up so fast, and left me speechless when he started counting the balls in the soles of my shoes (he’s two years old and can count up to 20!!).

So we’ve been back for a little over a week now… With another trip in the horizon, we are going to Spain for a month in September (I can’t wait!). We’ve been busy with work and starting up the open houses again… Enjoying the good weather we’ve been having, which is not going to last, but oh well. We watched Ratatouille (the new Pixar movie) the other day, we had been waiting eagerly for months, and we weren’t disappointed, it was really really awesome. Got me thinking about getting working on my French. But it hasn’t happened yet. Some day.

What a weird week, tomorrow is Thursday but it’s going to feel like a Monday but then it’s Friday… We should have more weeks like this!

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