Siete Siete Siete

the grillin' master and his sous chef7/7/07 was supposed to be the luckiest day in many years. Well, not if you were riding the LIRR. We were stuck in South Hampton for three hours waiting for a “rescue” train, after ours broke down. Achy, tired and freezing (from the blasting AC), we somehow got home after 2am. But we weren’t really all that mad because, a) there wasn’t much we could do, other than walking back home, which would have taken days; and b) we had a Perfect Day at the Beach. The weather was beautiful, Brent did some fishing, I did a lot of relaxing, we walked around Montauk… If only we had a few millions to spare for a little weekend home. Until then, we’ll rely on the not-so-reliable LIRR.

assistant to the sous chef, and restless beggarWe had another open house last Sunday, it was quieter than the previous one, maybe because it was a holiday weekend or maybe for no reason at all. Real estate is so weird. We get all these people that love the place, and seem so interested, and then they don’t call again. The right person will come soon though (I hope). We did some BBQing later in the day with our neighbor Sean, and that’s where these pictures are from – Margo tried to give it a go to the whole grillin’ thing, but she seemed to enjoy the cooked product more than the process.

Thomas the CaterpillarToday was a little odd for a Monday, I went to Digitas and they didn’t have much work for me, so I left at 2.30, missed my stop on the subway, and on my way back on the street to get back to my stop it was so unbearably hot, and the SALE billboards were so big at the Uniqlo storefront, I had to go in for a bit. Awesome polos for nine bucks! Then we were just working at home, a little afraid to go outside (a high of 97 today), although we did take a little walk. Brent has discovered that you can catch bass at the lake in Prospect Park, so he might be getting a new lighter weight fishing pole. Not sure if we would be grilling those guys.

Oh, that was Thomas the Caterpillar. He was huge when we left for Seattle, and we never saw his chrysalis or anything. Margo might have to do something with it, although this time we don’t have proof, so we’ll settle with the idea that he’s flying around happily somewhere.

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