Summer in the City

Wai and Anthony, friends forever.When are they going to start offering low-cost flights within the US? I just booked two flights from Madrid to London for Brent and I, for a grand total of 129.68 euros. Pretty awesome! We’re taking a little weekend trip to visit my sister in the UK. Britons, here we go!

There’s this little gadget in Google that counts down how long you have until a specific date – your birthday, the next Color Splash episode, you name it. So I set it up to count down until we leave to Spain: 37 days. Some 866 hours. Hey, this is the longest I have ever been out of the Old Country, so I am really excited!

the beach at Fire IslandAugust is around the corner and things are speeding up, after a couple of pretty laid back weeks. At home, Anthony left the mimoYmima nest. We had a pretty awesome going away party for him, which included shots of some drink named Snake Bite that I’m still recovering from. Then a couple of weeks ago Simon joined the team, and he’s been doing pretty awesome work. It’s great to see our little mimoYmima team grow! We don’t intend to go global just yet, but when we’re ready for investors we’ll let you know.

the water was freeeeezing, but I did go inOn the other work front at Digitas, I’ve gone from three usually-short days a week to five quite full days a week, and I’ll probably stay on this schedule until we go to Spain. It’s been over a year since I started working there, which makes it my longest job ever, besides being CEO at mYm. Yes, me, CEO, the same one that called her dad today to ask if it would be better to pay off some money for a big mortgage at 5.375% or a small one at 8%. The conversation kept going for a while, and I ended up starting the process of closing our small mortgage. Many conclusions can be drawn: I should ask my dad to be our financial advisor, I should get my basic financial shoit together, do not let money sitting around in a savings account while your mortgage is eating away your hard-earned dollars…

Speaking of dollars, our friends Scott and Luci from Good Hardworking People got a beautiful grant for one of the documentaries that Luci is making, “All’s Well and Fair”. They just got the news right before we were going to meet yesterday, so we went out and celebrated in our old neighborhood. In these days of money flowing to national security and concrete for big border walls, and funding staying far away from healthcare and of course the NYC transportation system, it is hard to believe that there are still foundations out there that support such things as talented independent filmmakers. But yeah, dreams still do come true!

this is what Margo has been up to latelyOn the beach side of things, we ventured out in the LIRR again, with much better luck than last time. We went to Fire Island and had a great time. It’s no Montauk, but it’s always fun, and I do like the beach a little better. But of course, no fishing. Brent is waiting for his fishing pole to be replaced, so it will be a little while until we go to Montauk again… We might to some exploring of Long Island in the meantime.

boys will be boys...Yesterday we did some exploring of the Upper West Side! It had been months since we went over there last. We watched The Simpsons movie, which was like a really long and funny episode, which is what I hoped it would be – they didn’t ruin anything, didn’t change anything. The week before we watched the new Harry Potter movie, so we’re on a blockbuster roll. Brent had just finished the book that morning, so it was all very fresh in his mind. I didn’t particularly care much about the movie, but I just don’t care much about all things Potter in general. I thought it was better than the previous one, and I liked the moving cats in the pictures hanging from the wall. And all the popcorn we ate, jeez!!

... and girls will be girls!Those photos are from when Pat was in town with his friend Hari doing a fundraiser for Clinic Nepal, which is, well, a clinic in Nepal that they both work with. It was a good excuse to get together, drink beer, and get some pretty jewelry from Nepal. And to finally get to wear the dress that Brent gave me for Xmas! It makes me feel like a walking Kandinsky painting, with pockets!

Must watch another episode of The Office, season 3… buenas noches.

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