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Nico 8/31/07The day I found out I was pregnant, a sunny Saturday back in early August, I started a journal. I got this nice hardcover book and every few days I wrote down what was going on. I thought I would one day give it to my baby when he wasn’t a baby anymore… Keeping an offline journal took all my writing energy, and that’s why I stopped updating this blog. Unfortunately, I lost my journal on our flight back from Thanksgiving in FL. I left it in the front seat compartment, and despite a gazillion calls to Continental, I haven’t heard anything about it. I was pretty emotional about it, but I’m over it and started a new one with a quick Nico 9/24/07recap of the last few months. There’s a few things to be learned from the experience:

1. Never EVER leave a plane without double checking for all your belongings, specially if it’s midnight and you’re half asleep.
2. Do not waste time being depressed about something that is beyond your control, specially if it’s an airline that is in control.
3. Online blogs can’t get lost!

So besides keeping my hand-written journal, I’m going to try not to forget about our life in Brooklyn Nico 10/02/07online. We might have to rename the blog temporarily, because we’re going to be in Florida for about a month and a half while we’re in between apartments – a nicer way to put it than using the word “homeless”. In just a week from tomorrow, my parents will have come and gone, we’ll have packed and moved everything out, and we’ll be ready to fly to FL with Margo and stay there until further notice from our builder. Sounds like it’s going to be a fun week!

These four pictures are Nico’s stages so far. First back in his tadpole days, Nico 12/04/07then while we were in Spain and he was climbing up the fruit bowl into strawberry status, then at three months and the most recent one from just a few days ago. He’s kicking up a storm these days, and we’re more excited every day. It really makes it more real to know that it’s a boy and to talk about him as Nico, not just as “the baby”.

So Nico and I are back online, but for now we’re going to bed : )

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