Doli and Carmelo checked out the view from the Top of RockJust a couple more days left on 2007! I feel like I’m getting to the end of the race a little out of breath. But hey, today I secured a place for us to live during February and March, so at least we’re not going to be homeless during the first trimester of 2008. Despite the fact that I don’t think we want to stay in Brooklyn for too many more years, I think if I’m making any New Year’s resolutions, the main one is going to be not to move in a very long time. Cling on to that new condo with all my might.

taking a break in Boxland

December is usually a very eventful month, but this year has set a new crazy record. I didn’t even really notice my quarter-century birthday, it was an ordinary wednesday packed with work all day at Digitas, my last day there until who knows when, and then picking up my parents at JFK. We had one nice day out in the city, but the rest of the time we were packing up, filling up box after box. My parents have only moved once, 13 years ago, but my dad turned out to be a packing master. Meanwhile Doli made delicious meals for everyone and cheered everyone up despite her jet lag. the two heavy OJ drinkers of the partyI don’t know what we would have done without their help, we probably wouldn’t have slept much that week, the thing about our place is that it was all nice and neat with tons of stuff stashed away in pretty baskets and boxes, so it didn’t really seem like we had that much stuff. My parents left on Sunday night, the movers came the next morning, packed up the rest and took it all away in two hours, and we were left with an empty apartment and a very confused Margo. She decided the heating vents where her only place to go. I was sort of confused too, sitting on the floor of my empty apartment, with my hormones jumping up and down while so many silly memories came to mind. We slept on a blow up bed that added a little more stress to Margo’s day while inflating, and left our pretty little apartment the next day, destination Florida.

Dylan already knows how to get the ladies' attentionMy belly is a lot bigger than when we first got here, just 11 days ago. I look officially pregnant, not just pudgy, although the lady at the maternity store wouldn’t believe me when I told her I was 26 weeks. Nico is kicking away, and he had a big surprise the first sunday we were here – well, at least we did, we got to what we thought was just your regular Swedish breakfast and saw all those “It’s a boy” signs, and we thought Nico’s cousin Daniel had finally arrived, but nope, it was our baby shower! Mikey and his lollipop, very serious businessThat was just the day after Ryka and Will’s wedding shower, and only a couple of days before Christmas, so the recycling bins have been pretty clogged up around here. Wrapping paper turns out to be a hit with our nephew Dylan, he was zipping around at top speed and playing with big boy cousin Mikey, who gave us the favorite quote of the holidays: “It’s a good day to share”.

Daniel is now the littlest of the family - but not for long!Mikey had a baby brother on Christmas Eve, and we got to meet little Daniel when he was only one day old. He’s the cutest newborn I’ve ever seen, they’re not usually that cute when they’re first born. I kept looking at him while I was holding him, and looking at Brent when he was rocking it, and thought that it was just unreal that in just a little over three months we’ll be there with our own little baby boy. A Xmas card from The Office - one of my favorite gifts : )I guess I see it a little closer and more clear every day, especially now that I have a belly to look at – and that doesn’t let me sleep so good at night, allowing for more time to think and rethink all that’s going on, thank you my dear hormones very much. The latest trick those shady estrogens have come up with is to give me itchy feet. Happens to 20% of pregnant woman. Since there’s a pool here it’s not so bad, I can numb them with the cold water any time I want.

Grandpa Lagerman and Grandpa Scott clean up the messPhew, it’s getting close to 10pm, and my brain cells are starting to turn off the lights. We’ll keep it the rest of the events short and sweet: we had dinner with Will’s parents and sister one night, drank all their booze and got even more excited about the wedding in Costa Rica – which is coming up in just a month! Yikes! It was great to meet Will’s parents, now the Lagerman family has a branch in Michigan. We saw the movie ‘Juno’ the other day, which was really awesome, and just like everything else these days, was related to pregnancy and babies. Then we found out the hard way that those cool Pencil plants are pretty dangerous – Brent’s mom Nancy got squirted in the eye with some sap while cutting off a branch, and her eye is still sore from the stuff. I should get a picture of the crazy plant, in case anybody has one (get some goggles!). And then our condo drama episode #348, they told us we’ll be closing in March, not late Jan/Feb as they had told us before. Pregnant, homeless, and 15 degrees out there in Brooklyn – not a pretty picture. We found the perfect sublet in our neighborhood though, so once again we saved the day.

I told my mom today that I hope Nico will stay in there for the full 40 weeks, cause hopefully we’ll be in the new place by then. And she told me that when she was little, lots of babies grew up just hanging out in a wicker basket lined with some lamb’s skin, taking in some vitamin D from the sun. I felt a whole lot better.

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