homeless BrentYes! We are officially without a home. We closed on our old condo last Thursday, and won’t be closing on the new one until March. So has begun the homeless period of our lives, well into my six month of pregnancy, in the middle of the winter. But hey, we have celebrated it by going to the beach a couple of times in the last few days, and we’ll be going back now that I got a bikini that fits the new expanded version of me.

Mike and I surrounded by seagrapesWe’ll be moving into a sublet for February and March, and until then we’ll be here in Florida, so it’s not a bad deal. We’ve been getting things back up to speed up at work for the last few days and just taking it easy. We went to this natural preserve in Jupiter Island, Blowing Rock, which was really neat, we didn’t have time to see everything so we’ll have to go back some time soon. Brent’s dad Mike took us to a very unique store in Hobe Sound, half antique shop half bookstore, the kind of place where you could just snoop around all morning. Nico has been doing some major kicking, and Margo has been doing a lot of laying down.

I just ordered some sneakers for Brent from endless.com – it’s this new online shoe store from amazon that beats my dear zappos, their site is cooler and they add a $5 discount on top of the free overnight shipping. Very tempting, now that pretty much all my shoes are in storage.

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