Back in Brooklyn (for real this time)

flysansa.comIt’s been a week since we got back from Costa Rica! A week since a long series of flights was finally over. The past month has been kind of crazy, but we’ve been having a lot of fun. The flights are over for now, but the crazy part is just about to get crazier, as my due date is now less than two months away. Yikes!

Some fared better than others at the Cesna planeFirst there was a quick weekend visit to NY, 72 hours packed with visits to doctors and our accountant and meetings with clients. We had time of course to hang out with our friend Kate, who was our gracious hostess – we had brunch at a really cool Polish place in her neighborhood, I can’t remember the name… That was when I was in my pancake/waffle eating phase, and would always finish every last bite left on my plate. Now my stomach is kind of squished and even though I really would love to go on waffle sprees every day, I just can’t.

squirrel monkeys are cute!After that little trip to New York we had two more weeks of Florida sunshine and family fun. We were working a lot too – we’re so lucky we can work anywhere we are, these months of homelessness wouldn’t have been possible if we had corporate jobs. At the same time though, I spent a good amount of time trying to put our paperwork together for taxes, sitting on the breakfast table, with Nancy assisting me trying to make the numbers make sense. It’s not easy to have your own business when the tax season rolls around. I’m going to give Quickbooks another try, after throwing the thing out the window a couple of years ago, hopefully after enough pain and cursing during the learning stage it will actually make my life easier.

capuchin monkeys like to scare peopleTwo days before flying to Costa Rica, we came back up to New York and dropped our scarce belongings at the sublet we’re staying at. By this point Margo was ready to go on strike – “would you guys just please stop this madness?”. She has actually been really good the whole time, I’m amazed at how portable and adaptable she is, for a cat. Soon she’ll be roaming free in our new roof deck. Hopefully really soon.

this sloth stayed in the same spot for 2 daysWe arrived in San Jose and met the whole family at the little Sansa terminal. We were looking at pictures of the flight with Kate today and she said, “it’s kind of like a party bus!”, and that’s really how it was, because we filled up the little plane. We spent our first day just settling in, hanging out and trying to get used to our new environment. It was just so beautiful! We were staying at these little houses in the rainforest, overlooking the ocean. When I went to sleep that night I thought it was so amazing I had woken up in the urban chaos of Brooklyn and then was going to sleep by the Pacific Ocean, with nature all around us, and the monkeys out there somewhere (although we hadn’t seen them yet). The monkeys did show up the next morning at 6am, they would wake us up every morning as they ran across our roof on their way wherever it is that they go every morning. Brent ended up not bringing one back to the States as he was hoping to, but he did take a lot of monkey videos, some of them are up at http://monkey.mimoymima.com

here comes the bride!The next day, Friday, we went to the beach and took a kayak out into the ocean and had a lot of fun, and next thing you know we had to start getting ready and looking pretty because the wedding that had brought us all the way there was about to start! Ryka and Will got married at sunset, with a beautiful ceremony at the beach conducted by Brent’s dad Mike. The reception was a lot of fun, and we danced a lot, we didn’t stay too late though because my bed time these days isn’t what it used to, but it was great. Ryka and Will have been married for over a week now! : )

it doesn't get much better than this!Saturday we had some more beach time and also went to a market where they sold really neat handmade jewelry. We received some bad news then – our little nephew Dylan had an accident and got burned on his face and chest. Kresten and Melissa held up amazingly well that last day we were there, and have been taking great care of him since they’ve been back – they took him to the Shriners hospital in Cincinnati, which is going to be following up on his healing. He’s already looking a lot better, and he’s a real trooper, so we know he’ll be just fine. After looking around for family health insurance plans for the last few days, and just reading about the whole healthcare system, it’s almost hard to believe that places like Shriners exist – they’re dedicated to providing burn treatment for children for free. We’re really thankful they are taking care of little D.

Mr & Mrs Lagerman and BumpDespite the sad news, we had a wonderful time, and it was another successful Lagerman family reunion. We kept wondering where the next one would be. We had all ages covered, from 5 week old Daniel, who might start a career as a wedding baby (he was so good!) to 85 year old Grandma Rita, who danced away just like at our wedding. Most of the family got together again at the airport in San Jose, as we were all stranded and trying to figure out how to get home. A failure in some weather station and a stupid bird messed up our flights – the Florida gang missed their flight because of the weather station, and our was cancelled because of the stupid bird that had nothing better to do than crashing with the plane’s wing. We all ended up getting home late that night, we had to fight pretty hard but thanks to my now-really-pregnant-looking belly they put us on a flight to New York later that day. And that was Costa Rica, pura vida and a little chaos at the end.

breakfast like this every day, please!Since we’ve been back, we’ve been busy at work with new projects and getting back to our life here in Brooklyn. We started our childbirth classes on Tuesday, and Nico has been kicking more than ever. For the last few days I’ve been feeling this walnut-like thing moving around which I assume is a hand or a foot or something. With less than two months to go, all we have with us for him right now is five onesies. But I’m not stressing (too much) about it, I’m hoping that he’ll be a good boy and stay there until April, and that the builder will also be a good boy and get the condo ready for us to move in early next month. And if not, well, we’ll just stuff a blanket into one of our duffel bags, and there you go, instant crib.

It’s 18º degrees out there. I miss Costa Rica. But I’m happy to be back home, sweet temporary home.

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