33 and 2/3

sunny times in South BeachThat’s about right I think, that’s how many weeks along I am. So about a month and a half to go. Still no crib, no diapers, and oh no house. But we’re hopeful!

This week has been a classic Brooklyn winter week: we’ve been working a lot and not going outside much. We’ve had two sunny days since we’ve been back from Costa Rica, and they were freezing and windy. Which is why I’m protesting and posting these beach pictures from when we were in Miami, and one of Brent’s latest catches, that one should have made it into the blog long ago. I should take one of my V-day flowers, they are still so pretty (gracias, señor Lagerman!). It is such a simple gift, not too expensive, and it’s so awesome when you get them, we ladies should get flowers a lot more often. Like, every day : )

I always take pictures of Brent on the phoneWe’re working on a lot of cool new projects, one of them with this news station in the Cayman Islands. I’m hoping that either they’ll need us to fly over there to discuss how things are going, or better yet, that they’ll be so happy when we’re done that they’ll throw a party there for us. Hey, no charge for day dreaming. We’ve also been busy with our taxes, which are almost done – that’s one of the hardest parts of having your own business, all those papers and numbers. And it just got worse, because I got Quickbooks, and I knew I was going to hate it but I didn’t know it was going to be that bad. Quickbooks plus pregnancy hormones is probably not the best combination, but I’ll keep trying.

taaaasty!Today we ventured out to get pastries with our friends Kate and Luci and then watched “Persepolis”, which was really good. The Oscars are in just a week and as usual we haven’t watched most of the movies that are nominated, so we’ll have to take a quick pick for the poll again. Margo just joined me – she was sitting on my lap a little while ago and Nico was kicking her. She didn’t seem to mind, or maybe she couldn’t feel it with all that padding she’s got. She has jumped into her carrier a few times in the last few days. She’d stick her head out and look at us very serious, like saying, “okay, enough of this place, get me back to the lizards”.

Now, how about a mug of hot chocolate? Or should I do ice cream instead?

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