blue michelin woman in the snowNew symptom for week 35: my right leg gets super tired and heavy all of a sudden as I’m walking, and then a minute later it goes back to normal. I’m pretty sure it’s Nico messing around with some buttons. It’s only happened a few times thankfully. Also my stomach has been pushed and squished to a tiny little corner who knows where and it’s not working as well as it used to, and right after I eat I’m burping like an old man. Other than that, still feeling great, sleeping fine, marveling at my belly every day!

we made some new friends in the parkGood (awesome) news today: the economy might be quite stinky right now, but it’s a wonderful time to get a new mortgage! The rates have gone down a lot since we first went into contract for our new place months ago, and it turns out we’re going to be saving a few hundred dollars a month. That’s also the positive side of our closing being delayed so much. Woo-hoo! It sounds like we might be all moved in two weeks from now, or a few days later. I’m keeping my fingers and toes crossed, and I’m trying to tell Nico to do the same.

Kate & Brent, the hat twins!It’s a lot nicer out than it was two weekends ago when we took these pictures – there’s no snow left, but it was fun while it lasted. Yesterday we ventured into Manhattan to do a little shopping and mullet chopping (on Brent’s part), and then met up with our friend Kate for brunch and a movie. Yes, those matching hats are my creation. Brent was so jealous of Kate’s hat that I had to make him one with the same yarn, and yesterday was the first time that they were both wearing them at the same time. As if they didn’t look alike enough already!

We’re finishing our project with the news station in the Cayman Islands and they still haven’t mentioned anything about a post-project party over there or anything. I wonder if I should bring it up. We’re finishing a few other projects and starting some new ones, working a lot, trying to get most of our stuff done before the mid-April mark. Which doesn’t mean taxes for us this year, but a lovely tax deduction.

Big shipment of baby stuff coming tomorrow, including a set of high-tech all-in-one cloth diapers. Very exciting. We’ll probably spend a couple hours trying to figure out how they work : ) We got a lot of other basic stuff because I was starting to get a little neurotic about Nico showing up early while we’re in the sublet with only five onesies as our welcome committee for him. He still doesn’t have permission from his parents to show up early, but as everybody knows kids don’t care so much about their parents’ permission sometimes, so at least we’ll be prepared now.

And now, time to prepare dinner!

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