Ole, Toro!

Brent is an excellent stroller driverWe got the stroller today – and yeah, it’s called Toro. Not sure why though, because this thing is really light – just 18 lbs, so I can lift it! Woo-hoo! I can take those stairs, no problem! It opens and shuts really easy, and when it folds it stands on its own, which is really neat. Can’t wait to take this thing to the park! And no, we’re not going to try it with Margo, although we did think about it.

I saw my doctor today, everything is going good, she said my cervix is all closed so it looks like Nico is not thinking about making it for the exit early. Such a good boy. We are still waiting to hear about the certificate of occupancy, but meanwhile they’re keeping us entertained with new photos on the realtor’s website. Our door isn’t pictured because we’re a little further down the street, there’s another staircase that leads to two doors instead of four.

Aluminum rules! I can lift it!So we’re piling up the baby gear in a corner in our temporary living room… The crib and the mattress are getting here tomorrow, and the car seat will be next. It’s getting closer, and we’re getting more excited every day!

We spent most of the weekend working. On top of all our current projects we’re redesigning our site, and we’re trying to get caught up with everything before the baby arrives, so it’s not such bad news that the weather has been so crappy lately. On Wednesday I have to go get my picture taken again at Immigration (at 8am, ouch!), because just to add another thing to the March mix my green card expires in a couple of weeks. They should be giving me one for 10 years now so hopefully I won’t be talking to them again for a loooong time.

I’m going to take this Toro for a spin down the hallway…

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