Testing the sling

Brent and Nico's big sisterIt had to happen, we had to test one of these baby things on Margo. She actually stayed in there for a whole minute, she didn’t seem to mind. If Brent and Wai hadn’t been laughing so much I’m sure she would have gone back to asleep.

We are counting down the days for the move, although we’re not sure exactly how many they are, so it’s an open countdown. The last we heard is that they’ll be ready to close on Monday the 24th, which would be great because we would most likely beat Nico in this race we have going on, he still has another three weeks or so to go – although he’s in charge now, and can do whatever he wants without caring what his parents have to say. Just like a teenager, even before he’s born. Oh well. He’s still moving around a lot, kicking harder now that he’s bigger, and he seems to be managing his hiccups a little better – we’re down to once or twice a day, from his peak of five or six times a day.

big mama!It was another busy week at work, and we relaxed over the weekend – yesterday it was actually nice out and I took my Michelin Man coat off for a bit while we were walking around the park. It didn’t last though, we’re back to winter again, but Brent’s birthday is coming up so it should finally start getting nicer for Spring soon!

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