A New Life

--------------------------We are finally settling in and making the new place a home for our little family. We are a family now, even our insurance plan says that.

It seems like these days I don’t have time for anything, thus the long blog pause, but I think we’re getting back on track and I’m going to try to keep this a little more updated. There’s been so much going on in the last couple of months… Here’s a timeline:

March 26th: Nico arrives to the world and to our lives. From the beginning he looks at the world with big bright eyes. It took us quite a while to get him ‘outside’, but it all went well and we were both doing great after the delivery. He was 5lbs, 11oz, and 18 inches long. He slept most of the time during our stay at the hospital. The nurses at NY Methodist were amazing, they took care of me like I was the baby.

March 28th: We leave the hospital and move into At Home in Brooklyn, a bed & breakfast by the park. Our sublet was running out and Brent found this wonderful place last minute for us and my parents, who arrived that night from Spain. The B&B was a wonderful find, and we made some new friends while we stayed there.

April 12th: My mom leaves after two weeks, and we start getting pretty stressed about the housing situation – we keep hearing that we’ll be able to move in any day now, but we don’t know when “any day” is going to happen.

April 19th: Nico’s first flight! We decided to go to Florida and wait there for our new place to be ready while we relax and introduce Nico to everybody down there. We had a great time, and Nico was happy to meet his grandparents, aunts and uncles, and his three cousins – it’s going to be wild when those little guys get together in a few months.

April 25th: After months of checking the DOB (Department of Buildings) site every morning, there it is, the certificate of occupancy for our building. Of course we don’t hear from our real estate agent or lawyer or anybody until we call them, but that’s New York real estate.

April 29th: We fly back to Brooklyn and spend the night at the B&B. Nico has his grandpa Hernández ease for air travel, he slept through both flights – he must know he’s going to be putting in a lot of miles.

April 30th: We move into our new place! We get all of our stuff back from storage, nothing lost (or sold) or damaged. There’s still a lot of touch up work left, but we’re here, we’re finally home!

May 1st: We close on the condo. Actually Brent does all the signing while I hang out with Nico at home. Not a bad deal.

May 3rd: My uncle Chiqui and his wife Mariola visit us from Spain : )

May 6th: After 4 years of living in the US and longing for them, I finally have my own washer and dryer, and I do three loads to celebrate. This might sound silly, but everybody in Spain has a washer, and the whole laundromat / laundry in the basement thing always upset me. So it was a big day for me.

May 8th: That’s today. Nico’s sonogram results came fine, we were a little worried about his pooping situation, but it seems like he’s okay. I went in for my post partum checkup and I’m all good too. Nico and I celebrated with a long walk through the park, and he’s sleeping as I write this. He is the cutest baby around, over 9 lbs now. He loves to jump, and today he’s been staring at his mobile for quite a while. He’s more awake and alert every day.

So he’s been through quite a lot of adventures in these first 6 weeks of his life. We’re getting settled and doing a little unpacking every day and also learning how to be a mommy and daddy, starting our new life here in Brooklyn, and loving every minute of it.

*Scroll down for more Nico pics*

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