June is here! We got the A/C going, and Nico is super happy because he gets to spend a lot of time outside. He’s doing great, last night he slept for 6 hours, I was super proud and also grateful – I felt so rested! He’s a great sleeper at night, during the day he’s an action man though and his naps are quick little siestas when they happen, which is rarely.

My parents just left today, my mom was in town for 10 days and my dad got here on Thursday, it was great to have them around, they loved every minute with their grandson and I loved all the help and good Spanish food I got. We got the place pretty much unpacked and now we’re just taking things one project at a time… The biggest and most important project is the roof deck, hopefully we’ll get that started soon, we have a whole summer of grilling ahead of us and it would be nice to be able to hang out there… Brent has tons of great ideas for the space, and the guy who’s going to do the work said it would be magazine-worthy, so it’s going to be pretty awesome I’m sure.

More later – somebody needs his mama!

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