Happy Father’s Day!

immate nicoIt’s Brent’s first Father’s Day. We celebrated by strolling around to a local fair, having a great lunch at one of our favorite restaurants in the neighborhood, and he also got himself a hose. That’s a daddy gift. We also got him a circular saw earlier in the week. I’m kind of scared about seeing him in action with that one.

My sister Carmen just left a few hours ago, the place seems empty already… It feels even emptier if I look at Nico’s room, which until now has been our little B&B and now is all pretty much empty. The awesome outfit in the picture was a Tia Carmen buy. He only wore it long enough to get a few pictures though because it was so crazy hot for the last week.

So tired! Need to get some sleep. Lots of stuff coming up this week… And no Tia to help me so I better get myself some sleep pronto.

Being a daddy is fun, but it’s not easy – Happy Father’s Day to all the daddys out there.

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