One, Two, and Almost Three!

That’s right, Nico will be three months on Thursday. He has all sorts of new tricks now – he loves to chew on his fist, he’s trying to grab things, and he laughed for the first time the other day. He also started watching a Spanish cartoon, Pocoyo, and he usually watches the whole episode (they run about 6-7 minutes) happy as a clam. The “trick” that I like the most though is how good at sleeping he is, a regular night he’ll sleep for 7 hours and then go back to sleep for another 2 or 3 hours. So this means that lately I’ve been feeling rested when I wake up in the morning! It’s quite a wonderful feeling ; )

We’ve been relaxing this weekend, we needed a break after a crazy work week. On Friday we all went to a classical music concert in the park, Nico slept through pretty much the whole thing. It was a beautiful evening though and it was great to just lay down and listen to the music… Yesterday we had a small adventure, we went to Fort Greene to meet up with our new clients from KEA, a custom and handmade rug gallery, it had been quite a while since Nico’s last car ride. He had a great time with everybody at KEA and looking at all the bright colors. Today we took him on a long walk through the park and ended up eating lunch at a new Mexican restaurant in Park Slope, which had better desserts than real food.

Besides being really busy at work we’ve been trying to get going with some of the projects around the condo. We had a couple of carpenters come in to look at all the built-ins that we want to get done, and we’ve also been trying to get ahold of the roofer guy who is hopefully going to get our roof deck started soon. With all this stuff going on and Nico wanting 150% of my attention sometimes, it’s been a happy coincidence that one of our clients, Ben Fleisher, is a massage therapist. We had the wonderful idea of doing part of the work for trade, and we got our first massage on Tuesday – I felt like a new person. And he’s coming back in two weeks! Woo-hoo!

Spain and Italy are still tied 0-0. Today is the first day that I miss having a TV. Hmmm.

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