Mila Saved Me

She totally did. For Nico’s 3 month birthday, I gave myself a trip to the hair salon, and there was Mila with her expert scissors. I told her I was sick of my hair and she did the right thing: she got rid of most of it. I’m so in love with my neck now that I have one!

Nico didn’t seem to notice the change, and he doesn’t seem too unhappy about not being able to pull my hair anymore. He’s getting bigger everyday, and his hair is getting lighter. The main highlight this week has been that it seems like he finally has figured our how to poop, and we’ve had #2 four days in a row now. There’s a name for what he had, infantile dyskenesia, which basically means he didn’t know how to put, or more accurately, he was doing it wrong. Hey, being a baby is not easy. They don’t give you instructions or anything when you come into the world. But he’s learning so much so quick, he makes lots of different sounds, and he’s getting close to grabbing things. Also he has graduated to the half-seating position in the stroller, which gives him a whole different view of the world. He’s so much fun : )

Busy week at work again, we’re working on a lot of projects at the same time. We’ll be updating our site soon with some of the recent sites we have launched. Wine aficionados can check out WineFlirt, where you can get a weekly newsletter about wine trends & deals. Oh, a glass of wine! It’s just a couple of months away…

… and the EuroCup final is only two days away! Go Spain! We’re going to kick Germany’s butt! It would be nice to win for once, Spain never wins at the soccer tournaments. We might take Nico to his first bar outing to watch the game, because we don’t have a TV yet.

Go Spain!

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