Summer Bubbles

A nice summer breeze is coming in from outside, Nico is playing in his playpen and daddy is sipping a gin & tonic. A perfect summer night!

Grandma (Abuela) Doli just left yesterday, she was here for a week, we all had a great time. Nico got tons of attention and I got a lot more time to get some work done and even relax : ) We left daddy in charge the other day and went off shopping to Manhattan. It was only my second trip to Manhattan in the last four months, and the first one (when I went with Grandma Mary to the consulate) I didn’t really walk around much… This time I had that feeling of being so overwhelmed by the city that I had when I first got to NY six years ago. It was fun though…

Our trip to Spain is only a month away now, so we’re trying to get as much done as possible – which means we’re still super busy, but hey, we’ll have a whole month to relax. I’m hoping that Nico will feel his Spanish genes and take on the siesta right away… Ah, a glass of wine with lunch, and then a nap… I think about napping a lot lately ; )

Here’s a few videos:

This one is from last week when uncle Alex was over for dinner – Nico had a blast!

Here his playing in the Jumperoo that tia Carmen got him, it looks like a complicated control panel he’s operating.

And this one is the one that gives the title to this post – he’s making bubbles now!

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