Six Months

“Next year, he’ll be running around here, trying to help with the grapes, driving us all crazy”. That was Emilio’s forecast for next year’s harvest, when Nico will be a year and a half. This year he supported us from his chair, munching on his feet. My mom and I were picking grapes only for a half hour or so, which was fun, while Brent joined the pros for the whole day. It’s so wonderful to be here after a whole summer in Brooklyn working nonstop. Brent is almost done with his rock path, which he has been working on for the past few years. He also joins green thumb forces with my mom every day on little projects outside. As for me, my most energy-consuming activity is to take Nico on a walk. I’m trying to do as little as possible, saving energy for the winter. I look at the trees, I listen to the animals in the distance, I watch the sunset. I do play with Nico all day and now that, as my mom says, he’s as heavy as a jamón, my arms get a little tired after a while. He’s getting bigger and smarter every day, making new sounds and facial expressions. He loves it here, out all day, enjoying the sun. He’s eating lots of new things too, from chicken to veggies or Spanish baby food desserts.

We have been in the countryside for around 10 days now. The only drawback (which at the same time is a big plus) is that there’s no internet access, so we’re pretty much offline and not thinking about work too much. Every few days we go down to the nearest mall (where we are right now), which has an indoor skiing center, and check email. But other than that and going down to the village to get bread and muffins, we have been in our little peaceful corner of the world the whole time. We had two parties over the weekend – on Saturday my dad’s side of the family came over for BBQ, and on Sunday it was my mom’s side for an even bigger BBQ (we were catering for 30 people). Nico had a blast both days, it’s amazing how sociable and adaptable he is. We took him across the Atlantic to a totally different environment and he was happy from day 1, he likes it in the city and he likes it in the country, he has fun with tons of strangers around him and he’s happy as a clam when it’s just us. I guess we’ve kind of made him be that way a little, as his first home was a B&B and then at three weeks we took him to Florida and when he was a month we moved into our new place. He’ll be six months tomorrow and I can’t stop thinking about how fast it’s gone and how we have both grown week by week, day by day. As he was gaining a pound a week at the beginning and looking at the world with his big, alert eyes, I was trying to figure out how to be his mom and how to keep him safe and happy. After six months we have come a long way: he’s a big boy, the cutest on the planet, learning new things every day; and mama is more relaxed and loving every minute of her new job.

Our internet time is getting to an end – we’ve been in the mall for long enough. Más aventuras otro día.

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