Lazy Day at Camp

It's crappy out so we're staying inside.– Maybe we should shave our heads?

I roll over, look in his direction but concentrating on the ceiling.

– You want us to go bald? Why?

– For fun! -he says, happy as a cheerleader.

– That’s something that Heelix would do, not us.

– Yeah… I guess you’re right.

It’s Saturday morning, the remains of hurricane Ernesto are making it windy and rainy outside, and we have officially called out a Lazy Day at Camp.

Actually it’s not that accurate because Brent is going to spend most of the day working, to meet a deadline on Tuesday. It’s the downside of having your own home business, there’s no official holidays, except for Christmas. You get to add your own unofficial ones, which is pretty cool. I wonder how we would fare in Spain, where every other week it’s Saint Something or Other and people take 5 days off.

Today has a sort of lazy feeling in the air though, since the Summer has rushed out of here so suddenly and so soon. The light jackets seem a lot heavier on us than they really are, the chilly air outside calls for some hot tea and finding a safe haven on the couch reading a book. Or at the table typing away, starting a blog. Introspection.

Margarita seems to agree. After spending most of the morning half-asleep on the bed, she’s now fully asleep on the Poäng. I must say in her defense that she did go outside a few times, for a little while, checking out the wind and scratching the doormat before deciding it wasn’t worth it, it was too crappy out and there were no squirrels to scare out anyway.

Lazy Days can be very productive in the kitchen. I have a chicken soup going, and there will be some of Mima’s famous See-Through cookies happening later. Perhaps I’ll try something new for dinner. I’m in the mood for some new recipes, it seems like after that period where I discovered that yes, I was able to cook without burning the house down or putting our health at risk, and yes, I enjoyed it and most of the meals were good, it seems like I’m not innovating so much anymore. Now that I have accepted the skill, I’m not so excited about it anymore. But that’s what a lazy day like today can change. A handful of time in my hands, a busy husband looking starved and in need of a rewarding meal. A bunch of cookbooks to be read in the safe haven that the couch offers.

We are not going to shave our heads, by the way. I might try a boy cut again sometime. I miss the feeling of having the back of my neck out there.

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