Our Life in Jersey

Wake up… back to sleep. Wake up again… uh, headache. Back to sleep. Wake up, take two advils, back to sleep. Oops it’s almost noon. That’s honoring Labor day.

We left Brooklyn today to venture into New Jersey. No, we weren’t going to Ikea. A) we don’t have room for any more stuff, B) we were visiting our friend Heelix aka Milkiotomus aka a long etc., who is now living in Jersey City.

Path Train station at Ground Zero

We got to the Path station at Ground Zero and we were really surprised at how it’s set up – basically you’re down there in the middle of the construction site. Almost five years have passed and it still looks pretty much the same as the first time I went there in 2003. Feels just as bad. They should get their shit together, as some would say (not I), and get something going, even if it’s temporary decoration.

Anyway, we took the train and two seconds (and stops) later we were in Jersey City. We walked around a lot and both Mr. Lagerman and I were really surprised at how nice and beautiful the streets were. Well, you know, it’s Jersey, what did you want us to expect? Our friend Heelix has a sweet apartment in a respectable building called the Park View, among other reasons because it’s right by a pretty cool park. It had its screaming children and all.

The view from Jersey

The Jersey shore


We walked over to the water and saw a piece of the Jersey Shore, an amazing view of Manhattan, and a bunch of lost geese. I’ve always thought there’s something wrong about the word geese. Goose is ok, but geese… It’s like cacti, it’s stupid, it’s wrong. At least geese are softer.

So we left the Jersey shore and walked our way back, passing by the Light Train that they have, those environmentally-concious Jersey people. It’s the same kind of train that my mom will soon (spring ’07) be riding in Pozuelo. It would have been nice to have had that kind of transportation back when I commuted to Madrid everyday to go to high school. But then again, the bus made me a better, tougher human being. Where was I? Jersey. Yeah, Jersey was very cool. We had some sandwiches at a nice cafe and Heelix was brave enough to order some Fizzy Lizzy. I’ll dare to try it maybe, not the grapefruit flavor though, no matter how original it is.We talked about Spain a good amount, and back at Heelix’s apartment Brent and him composed a… song about this blind lottery vendor in Madrid. It actually wasn’t about him really, it was about the stuff that he is always shouting around in Plaza de la Ópera in Madrid: “Para hoy…”… Memories, missing those little things I’m so familiar with.

Para hooooooy...

Off we were, back to Brooklyn. A renovated 2 bedroom apartment goes for $425K in Jersey. Gives you something to think about. Brooklyn and Jersey are closer than I thought. It took us a little over a half hour to get there, a little longer on the way back cause the train seemed to be observing Labor Day.

What is it going to be, Syriana or Dirty Pretty Things? My vote goes to the man without a top lip, quoting our neighbor Bruce. And I’m not sure yet who I’m going to vote for the next HGTV’s Design Star. I like them both. I don’t know. I’ll have to do some thinking.

Oh I forgot to mention. There was a mysterious assortment of flags at Jersey City’s City Hall. Two American flags shared pole (and who knows what else) with an Ukranian and a gay flag. We figured out there’s a good share of gay Ukranians living in Jersey City, but it might be something else.

Brent is still working. He’s not stressed though.

So that was Jersey. Interestingly enough, we watched Garden State the other night. Slightly pretentious. And (AND) we’re going to take a minibreak this weekend at Sandy Hook, on the Jersey shore. Muy, muy fuerte.

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