Our Life in Jersey II

Verrazano BridgeSince we spent a good part of Labor Day weekend working, we decided to compensate by going to the beach this weekend. It was a good decision, because last weekend Ernesto was hanging around the area with his gusty style, and this weekend was nice and Ernesto-free. The importance of being without Ernesto, could be a new successful play. Anyway, we thought about going to Montauk, as per usual, but we had heard good things about the Jersey Shore recently, and since we proved last weekend that Jersey is not (only) a wasteland, we figured, why not?

So after doing a little research we decided to go to Sandy Hook. The trip is a lot shorter than going to Montauk (an hour and a half, compared to three hours), but it is also more expensive ($42.50 a piece, compared to $29), although it is cooler because it’s a ferry so it evens out. It was a very cool ride, with Brooklyn on the left, looking not so pretty in some parts, then going under the Verrazano bridge, passing a few little lighthouses. Only 45 minutes after leaving Wall Street we got to our stop, Highlands/Cornell. I think the beach is called Sandy Hook and the town is called Highlands, but it might be the other way around. I don’t know what Cornell is.

mima goes AmishJersey ShoreWe stayed at the coziest B&B, the SeaScape Manor. It was really pretty and full of nice little details. A little pricey for our economy but hey, it was a minibreak. There was free wine 24/7, and you could get some tea and some chips whenever you wanted and sit on the dock contemplating the view. We had some Fritos and Cheetos, and as we remembered how much we liked Cheetos when we were little, we noticed that a tiny little miny pouch of those orange devils gives you 14% of the daily recommended amount of sodium, and a good amount of trans fat as well. Jeez. I was shaken. Fritos are the holistic alternative compared to them, with only 7% sodium. We ate them all anyway.

Our room was Amish-inspired and also filled with lots of little things. The B&B had the feeling of being somebody’s house, but you didn’t really see much of the people that were working there. They had a shed full of bikes, so we got a couple of them and raced down the hill to the beach. It wasn’t as nice a beach as in Montauk, and it was quite dirtier, but hey, it is Jersey after all. There wasn’t too many people since it was Friday, and we caught a few rays to try to postpone the arrival of translucid skin that will last us til next summer, or until we go back to Mykonos more likely.

BahrsWe had dinner at a restaurant called Bahrs, which someone at the B&B recommended. It was one of those huge classic restaurants, and the food was great. It was Crab Day so I was happy. The had mojitos so I was even happier. So happy that we went back for lunch the next day! It was dark when we got out and we walked back to the B&B, getting lost a number of times, going up the hill and through the woods (good thing I had a strong and brave man by my side). We watched Untolerable Cruelty from the B&B’s video library, it was pretty funny, made me want to have a pre-nup and tear it up.

Striped DelightOn Saturday we had a great homey breakfast on the dock, overlooking the ocean. We went down to the beach again and Brent went on to do some fishing, but his friend Valerio was having all the luck. The secret for catching stripers by the dozen? Use clams for bait. We’ll try that next time. He was nice though and gave Brent one of his fish, which of course we brought back with us on the ferry, wrapped up in a towel, all the way to Brooklyn.

SkylineAs we were getting close to Manhattan I kept thinking about the poor immigrants from Europe, who unlike me arrived to NY after a long, long journey by boat. And I kept trying to think how it must have felt for them to see New York, which obviously wasn’t anything like it is now but it was still a great deal more impressive in the 19th century than most European cities, skyline wise. And I remembered how overwhelmed I was when I saw the Manhattan skyline from a cab window, over four years ago, when I arrived here to study my exchange year in college.

Little did I know then that it wasn’t going to be Manhattan, but Brooklyn, that would steal my heart.

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