Montauk: The End

the sunsetCould it have been the last time we go to Montauk this year? It will depend on what the weather is like next weekend, but we had a great time and it would definitely meet the standards of an end of the season visit, whatever they are. I guess it would have been even more perfect if we’d come back to Brooklyn with a nice big Striped Bass with us. Brent tried his new technique, using clams for bait (not for human consumption, even though they did look pretty yummy), and he was casting away for a few hours while I was treasuring sun rays and reading “The five people you meet in heaven”, which made me cry on the way back. I’ll say in my defense that I was under the influence of a beautiful sunset.

brent jumpingAt John’s Bait & Tackle they had some pictures up on the wall of proud fishermen with their Stripers, all of them over 40lbs, all of them looking about as tall as I am. Then there was this guy, whose picture was taken in 1985, who had not one, not two (the legal limit today), but ten! huge stripers. It was like he was the coach for some Striper Softball team or something.

Then I thought about what we would do if Brent actually caught one of those huge things, and I realize it would be about the same reaction we would have if we won the lottery: we wouldn’t know what the hell to do. We stopped playing on Friday, after somebody else took our $163 million jackpot. Our 4-week long lottery adventure has reported us a loss of about $30, but I have very fond memories of the time we spent planning what we would do with the money. Anyway, it is now over, and we’re not almost millionaires anymore.

brent the fishermanMontauk is always such a nice change of pace. We take our time for everything over there (starting with the 3-hour train ride), and feeling so far away from Brooklyn really helps disconnect from all the work stuff. So we should maybe make it a mandatory policy to go there every other weekend, no matter how cold it is? I guess not. I can’t imagine being in Montauk and not being able to nap while I’m getting all toasty.

So with that happy beach feeling I went to see my new allergist today. I was relieved to learn thatevil dust mite Margarita is not my biggest problem, she’s only a runner-up. The main problem (huge, the doctor said) is house dust. He gave me this brochure that has a picture of a dust mite, and it looks extremely ugly and evil. Now I’m not only stuffed up and unable to breathe properly, but I’m also very scared of the creatures that pace up and down our curtains, blankets, rugs, and everything fabric. They have like a hundred legs, those things. So since it’s so hard to get rid of them, no matter how much you clean, no matter how many air purifiers you own, I’m going to take the defensive approach and try to get some vaccinations.

Maybe one day this winter I’ll wake up, take a deep, deep breath, and say, “Let’s go to Montauk!”.

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