All Kinds of Firsts

Back to Brooklyn

Back to Brooklyn

We saw the first snowflakes of the season last night! Our trip to Florida is too recent to get upset about the weather yet though, despite the fact that the low for today is 17 degrees. It’s okay, we can still cope.

We spent a long Thanksgiving break at Grandma & Grandpa Lagerman’s in Stuart. No fishing this time, but we did a lot of playing and discovering with Nico and also a good amount of germ watching. The theme for this Thanksgiving ended up being “let’s see who gets sick next”, with Kresten starring in the role of sickest one around. Nico got his first ear infection and was pretty miserable for a couple of days, until his first taste of antibiotics started kicking in. Nico’s cousins Daniel and Dylan were under the weather at times, and Ryka ended up visiting the local clinic next to Publix. I bet the Lagerman family as a whole gets a nice Christmas card from them this year, for their wonderful patronage. Somehow neither Brent and I got sick, which is pretty amazing with our Florida record.

Despite the sickness we had a great time though. It was great to see all the little boys together, and to relax and spend some time with the family. Last time we had been to Florida was when Nico was 3-4 weeks old, right before we moved, and those were crazy days! We went to the beach a few times and Nico loved it, he would just stare at the waves all mesmerized… Somehow we managed to stop him from eating any sand, and he had the greatest time. Other firsts for Nico in this trip include his first taste of Cheerios (which he loves and so do I, they keep him busy for a long time), first visit to a mall (confused at first, but happy as a clam the rest of the time), first fever along with the ear infection… Every week there’s something new. Now he’s into climbing:

And he’s getting so much faster crawling. Since we’ve been back he has discovered a new amazing thing for him: Margo. He had paid no attention to her until now, and he’ll crawl up to her and try to pet her (or squeeze her ears). She’s smart enough to leave if he gets too insistent, so it’s been peaceful between them so far.

We got back to Brooklyn on Wednesday and it’s been one of those busy busy weeks at work. Which is fine, cause it’s miserable out, so we’re not missing much. We’re getting our first Xmas tree ever (unless you count the 6″ one we put out a couple of times), since this will be our first time at home for the holidays. It’s so exciting! It’s the first Xmas dinner that I’m cooking, and I already have a stuffing recipe (thanks Beth!), but I don’t really know what I’m doing so if anybody has any advice or tips please share them.

Sipping some hot chocolate, fishing out the marshmallows, Nico’s asleep, and the winter is not bad at all for now.

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